Kathleen H. Taylor

Welcome back to Beason, the home of the folks that truly define the word "rebels." Okay, well, maybe that's just me. I always say if there is something you can do well, give it all you got! What's that saying? If the shoe fits? The shoe fits fine here in a nice comfortable 8 ½.

It has been said some of the Main Street Posse and Big Daddy Fester made a road trip to an establishment in Glenville. Rumor has it the posse made an outstanding appearance but had to have their dance cards okayed by Big Daddy. Big Daddy has been quoted as saying, "the younger folk had a hard time accepting that they were no longer the center of attention." Remember, you heard it here first.

Congratulations go out to the Ritchie County Rebels for their outstanding performance on Homecoming. Best of luck in next week's game.

I need to give a shout out to the Calhoun County Red Devils on their win against Roane. Sorry Rebs, I had to say that. I am a transplanted Hounie remember?

Wrestling season kicks off in a few weeks. We are excited about the new season. Ethan has gained a few pounds since last fall. I have been advising him we need to do something about the weight. (Who am I to give advice about weight issues? I know that's what you're thinking.) He needs to be able to throw that extra weight around rather than make it a handicap. Due to the fact he's not old enough to be a lover, he will have to be a fighter. So, he needs to get with the program and pick up the pace.

Everyone needs to mark their social calendars for the Rainbow Grange's Fall Fling on November 3rd. There is plenty of food, fun and freaky costumes. Its funny people remember what I showed up in the previous year. Last year I went as white trash. I don't think the shoes fit very well with that costume. However, no one can wear a white trash bag quite like me. It's a gift I guess!

Remember that the Magical Night of Giving at the Grand Central Mall on November 4th. The tickets are only $5.00 each and are available from any Grange member. We are also sponsoring a Longaberger Game Night on November 10th. If you would like a list of prize baskets or tickets, please contact me at 643-2022 or 483-3207. Unfortunately, we also felt we needed some rules for Game Night. We don't want to have to hire a bouncer if a brawl should break out amongst the game players. One never knows what a person would do if they should receive an incorrect basket. It could prove to be ugly. The Christmas Program is tentatively set for December 16th. So bring your holiday cheer as well as a covered dish. We will accept nothing less than a thousand calories.

Please keep in mind that tickets to the Belk's special sale are still available from our local fifth graders. (My fifth grader especially) The proceeds are going to be used for their trip to D.C. Please contact me if you would like to take advantage of a great sale at Belk's. If you don't' have anybody in mind to buy for at Belk's, please let me know. I like my shoes and boots size 8 ½ like mentioned above.

Finally, happy birthday wishes go out to my Mom. I claim her, but whether or not she claims me is still up for debate. But, if you see her, wish her a happy 25th!

Health and happiness.

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