By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke


There will be a flea market at the Creston Community Building on Saturday, August 4. Tables are available to rent and food will be available. Everyone is welcome.

The Creston homecoming will be held Sunday August 12 starting at 1 P. M. It is requested that folks write a special memory to be placed in a memory book to be shared with others. Cake and punch will be served and all who ever lived in Creston, went to school at Creston, had family or friends who did or those who just have interest in Creston are welcome.

Local residents are getting ready for the Wirt County Fair which starts on August 8 and runs through August 11.

Harold "Bud" Bell's folks fetched in a trailer to their lot in the Germany section.

The local area has been having quite a bit of rain bringing a halt to hay harvest although second cutting and pasture is doing well.

Rev. Carlos Nutter filled his regular 5th Sunday appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church and served Holy Communion.

Pifers were in Creston and took a vehicle away.

Arley Parker, the fellow who brings the mail to Palestine, Creston, Brooksville, Grantsville, etc. has been laid up with kidney stones so Jack and Bill the Bus Driver have been making deliveries. Arley is also very active in Wood County Democratic politics.

Jim Arthur was in Creston doing some excavation work.

Even though there is said to be a shortage of funds for roadwork the herbicide crew has now been in Creston twice spraying, even in areas close homes and where children formerly played. During one of the spray events the road at the county line was a cloud of spray mist. Elsewhere berms are being paved and the Big Boss said if paving was done and not widened heads would roll. Seems as a motorcyclist he wanted to be able to pass on the edge without getting into the gravel. One fellow noted that the widening didn't have much base under it. Perhaps they lost the typical to guide the new leaders as to how to do widening correctly. Others noted that it was just all a holding action until little Bobby Byrd finally croaked so the Big Boss could move to Dee Cee and be one of the Big Boys with Bill & Hillary.

It was understood that Joe O'Ferrell and Pete Mongeau are back working on their well near Newark that had tools lost downhole.

It seems that there was some serious trading going on in Creston the other day. A certain feller was trading hugs for puppies and two young ladies ended up with free wiener dogs. Details are available.

Austin Westfall, Anna Reno, Amy & Melissa Ferrell went camping up at Blackwater Falls State Park. Now Amy decides to take Austin for a hike and text messages friends on her cell phone instead of paying attention and subsequently gets lost.

Anna then called Amy and learned that they were really lost so Melissa went through the woods in flip flops and shorts, through the briers and the swamp, through the poison vine and the ticks, past the pizen snakes, bears, bobcats, mountain lions, weasels, minks, raccoons, 'possums, chipmunks, field mice, bunny rabbits, grasshoppers & katydids, and other scary critters, got scratched and got dirty to find them. When they were finally sighted Austin said, " Missy, we were lost in the middle of nowhere and I was so scared I almost passed out."

Larry Ferrell was visiting relatives and friends in Creston.

Carl Ferrell was consulting his physician.

The price of local Penn grade crude was $71.50/bbl. although the price of gasoline in Parkersburg was $2.80/gal.

Contaminated foodstuffs continue to be a topic of discussion and we now learn that half of the food eaten in America is imported, much of it from the Peoples Republic of China. The Chinese communists made it clear that they did not like stories about their dirty, contaminated and poisonous foods being told and threatened revenge if the news media didn't shut up.

Chesapeake Energy has made it clear that they have a Trenton/Black River location in Roane County and they told one woman that her son was holding up drilling as all else had signed but, as it turned out the company has yet to even contact one of the owners of the minerals under the drill site. To show what nice fellows they are, they dishonored two of their own checks which, of course, makes local banks 'happy' let alone the payees.

There has been some discussion that the postal service wants to close the local Creston office. Michael Bailey, manager of operations over at Clarksburg, stated, "there are no plans to close Creston at this time." One can only hope that he is a man of his word.

Jane, Nancy & Alvin Engelke attended the Oil and Gas Festival Pageant in Sistersville Saturday evening & watched Kristina Snider give up her crown.

One local fellow got a vacation because he failed to pay child support.

Katydids have been singing for some time now which indicates six weeks until frost. With the coldest winter in the southern hemisphere for over 80 years one can only wonder what this winter will be like for us.

Alvin Engelke still has come cute kittens that need new homes. Some folks up in sunny Cal decided they wanted stubby tailed kittens which they found elsewhere. When taken to their new home they hid behind the washer, drier and hot water heater. The new pet owner said that if they didn't show up soon he would name them Maytag, Whirlpool and GE.

Mr. Tanner was visiting Mr. Lynch on Ann's Run.

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