(L-R) Back Row: Meghan Chriswell, Elizabeth Duskey, Hannah Wilson, Dana Thomas, Sarah Postalwait, Jessi Cosgrove, Jordan Mace, Amy Ashley, Kenzie Laughlin, Arla Lane, Maria Kisner, Ashley Houchin; 4th Row: Zac Stump, Jacob Jett, Samantha Wilson, Caitlin Weaver, Rochelle Gerwig, Noelle Harris, Amala Saum, Ashley Conley, Cole Sims, Alex McCumbers, Ken Chriswell, Tyler Ellison, Ryan Ellison, JJ Bremar; 3rd Row: Nicole Rader, Tyler Carpenter, Hannah Burris, Angel Samples, Cassidy Burrows, Kenadee Taylor, Ryan Swearengin, Holly Wilson, Anna Sampson, Derek Villers; 2nd Row: Ethyn Miller, Jeffrey Miller, Leah Roberts, Austin Gribble, Sara Husk, Alayna Butler, Jessica Wood, Matt Rader, Tyler Gerwig; Front row: Chris Lacy, Sarah Hayes, Dylan DeWeese, Savannah Rogers, Casey Ritchie, Cole Ritchie, Donna Roberts, Stephanie Roberts, Rebbicca Newlon

Calhoun County 4-H Camp was held June 10-15, 2007 at Gilmer County Recreation Center with 55 campers, 20 counselors, and two Volunteer Camping Assistants. The theme was "A Blast from the Past".

Camp began at 6:50 every morning and continued throughout the day until lights were out at 11 p.m. each evening. The daily schedule included flag raising, breakfast, cabin and camp clean up, classes, crafts, lunch, assemblies, tribal meetings, swim time, free time, flag lowering, dinner, recreation, meditations, council circle, and snacks.

Monday's afternoon assembly was a demonstration by Sheriff Carl Ballengee and Kahn the K-9 unit. Tuesday's assembly was a presentation by Heather Weaver on her tour of Korea. Wednesday afternoon was full of laughs with Nancy Bremar's Clowning Around Assembly. Thursday, things took flight as the campers enjoyed Birds of Prey. Also on Thursday, citizenship pins were presented to campers Amy Ashley and JJ Bremar who will have reached their 18th birthday in 2007. Friday's assembly was the showing of the camp slide show and completion of camp evaluation forms.

Monday evening's recreation was the traditional swim meet followed by free time; Tuesday was karaoke with Toby Wagoner, Wednesday was the Teen Leader party, and Thursday Toby Wagoner was back at camp to DJ the camp dance.

ARCHERY -First place trophy was awarded to Angel Samples, all other participants received a Shooting Sports Patch and certificate: Dylan Deweese, Rebbicca Newlon, Jessica Wood, Angel Samples, Amala Saum

AIR RIFLE - First place trophy was awarded to Jacob Jett, all other participants received a Shooting Sports Patch and certificate: Alex McCumbers, Jake Jett, Cole Ritchie, Casey Ritchie

FISHING - First Fish Trophy was presented to Tyler Gerwig and all other fisherman were awarded a certificate: Amala Saum, Ryan Ellison, Amy Ashley, Zac Stump, Noelle Harris, Chris Lacy, Ken Chriswell, Tyler Ellison, JJ Bremar, Cole Sims, Dylan Deweese, Jake Jett

OUTDOOR ADVENTURE - All participants received a certificate of completion: Jeffry Miller, Alex McCumbers, Ryan Swearengin, Austin Gribble, Cole Ritchie, Casey Ritchie

ROCKETS - Best Flight award went to Tyler Carpenter. Those receiving certificates were: Tyler Ellison, Ryan Ellison, Jeffrey Miller, Ryan Swearengin, Chris Lacy, Matt Rader

4-H TEEN LEADER RECOGNITION - Teen Leaders serving their first year in camp as a teen leader received their Teen Leader Patch: Kenny Chriswell, Meghan Chriswell, Angel Samples, Jacob Jett, Zac Stump, Jessica Wood

LUCKY PENNIES TO ALL FIRST YEAR CAMPER - Recipients of the Lucky Penny award were given a certificate with a "Lucky Penny" attached. A remembrance of their first 4-H Camping experience. Recipients were: Cassidy Burrows, Alayna Butler, Austin Gribble, Sara Hayes, Ethyn Miller, Casey Ritchie, Cole Ritchie, Donna Roberts, Leah Roberts, Savannah Rogers, Cole Sims, Derek Villers

LUCKY NICKELS TO ALL SECOND YEAR CAMPERS - A certificate with a nickel attached is awarded to each 2nd year camper as a remembrance of his or her second year of 4-H camping. Presented to: Hannah Burris, Tyler Carpenter, Kenny Chriswell, Dylan Deweese, Tyler Gerwig, Sara Husk, Chris Lacy, Jeffrey Miller, Rebbicca Newlon, Matt Rader, Amala Saum, Zac Stump, Kenadee Taylor, Amber Wilford

OUTSTANDING FIRST YEAR CAMPER AWARD - Recipients receive a patch, certificate and $10.00 certificate to return to County Camp in 2008. Leah Roberts, Ethyn Miller, Alayna Butler, Savannah Rogers, Cole Sims

TRIBAL LOYALTIES - Nominated by the Chiefs and Sags and accepted by the awards committee. Given one time to campers for outstanding service to the tribe. Cherokee: Cassidy Burrows and Zach Stump; Delaware: Amala Saum; Mingo: Cole Ritchie, Casey Ritchie; Seneca: Amber Wilford

OUTSTANDING BRAVE AWARDS - With a scholarship of $30 to return to county camp, also awarded a patch and certificate. Usually presented to campers who already have tribal loyalty. Given for outstanding leadership and teamwork within the tribe and the camp, Samantha Wilson, Meghan Chriswell, Kenny Chriswell

GREEN AND WHITE FELT AWARD FOR CAMP LEADERSHIP - Presented to older campers for outstanding camp leadership usually presented to campers who have already earned Tribal Loyalty, Ashley Houchin, Jessica Cosgrove

BLUE AND GOLD FELT AWARD FOR CAMP LEADERSHIP - Presented for outstanding camp and total county leadership and participation. Presented to campers who have already earned tribal loyalty and green and white felt awards, Caitlin Weaver

SCHOLARSHIPS TO 4-H CAMP - Mary Helen Hartshorn Memorial Scholarship for full scholarship to attend county 4-H camp next year. It is awarded annually to 2 recipients of the Green and White awards. Endowed by camp program director Kelley Houchin in honor of her mother who passed away during 2002 4-H camp. Mary Helen was a former member, leader, and life long 4-H supporter. Presented to Ashley Houchin and Jessica Cosgrove

Jim and Brenda Jones Memorial Scholarship in honor of Jimmie's parents. Mr. Jones parents were very supportive of young people. This award is given to campers for outstanding work in camp. $15 scholarship to attend county 4-H camp next year, Zac Stump

Deanna Higgs Memorial Scholarship: $15 to attend county 4-H camp next year. Mrs. Higgs was a 4-H leader in Calhoun and her children have all formerly attended Calhoun County 4-H Camp. This award is given to recognize a camper for outstanding work in camp, Dana Thomas

Gary Roberts Memorial Scholarship to attend 4-H camp next year, $30. Given by a former 4-H'er in honor of Mr. Roberts and his contributions to his community. The scholarships are given to recognize outstanding campers, Jordan Mace, Hannah Wilson, Ryan Ellison, and Alex McCumbers Gary Roberts Memorial Scholarship to attend 4-H camp next year, $15. Given by a former 4-H'er in honor of Mr. Roberts and his contributions to his community. The scholarships are given to recognize outstanding campers, Anna Sampson and Elizabeth Duskey

Jones Memorial Scholarship to attend 4-H camp next year, $15 This scholarship is given by the Jones who were very active in 4-H in Calhoun County. It is given to recognize outstanding camp participation, Tyler Carpenter

Leaders Association Scholarship to attend 4-H camp next year, $10, Tyler Gerwig, Kenadee Taylor, Jessica Wood, Jacob Jett

Grantsville Guppies Scholarship. Full scholarship to attend 2008 4-H camp, Jeffrey Miller

Alpha II Scholarships, $125, Anna Sampson, Dana Thomas, Caitlin Weaver, and Elizabeth Duskey

H'S AWARDS - Head H: Sara Postalwait; Heart H: Maria Kisner; Hand H: Amy Ashley; Health H: Caitlin Weaver; Spirit of 2007 4-H Camp: JJ Bremar

Jeff Himes, WVU Extension Agent acted as camp director; Kelley Houchin Program Director; Samantha Cason Camp Secretary; Nancy Bremar First Aid Coordinator. Cabin counselors included, Betty Ellison, Jeff Himes, Kelley Houchin, Phil Kisner, Jacob McCumbers, Sandy McCumbers, Megan Morris, Tammy Nichols, Phil Perkins, Feather Tully, David Weaver, JoLynn Wilson, and Kelli Zwoll. Camp-Craft Counselors were Samantha Cason, Betty Ellison, Jeff Himes, Tammy Jett, Phil Kisner, Sandy McCumbers, Tammy Nichols, Caitlin Weaver, David Weaver, Heather Weaver, JoLynn Wilson, Lori Wilson, Jim Yoak, Karen Yoak, and Kelli Zwoll.

The Calhoun County 4-H Leaders' Association would like to thank our partners in 4-H : Alfab, Harry Anderson, Arnoldsburg CEOS, Burkett Auto Body, Calhoun Banks, Calhoun Insurance Agency, Inc. , Donna Cain, Francis Cain, Cain Veterinary Clinic, Jean Cromley, Dairy Products, Inc, First Neighborhood Bank of Spencer, Grantsville Lions Club, Hall Dozer Company, Hardman's Supply Company, Deidre Hobbs, Holbert's Self Service, Lew and Lois Holloway, Houchin Construction, Loren B Howley, Attorney at Law, J&B Drugstore, Richard & Cheryl Jarvis, James & Brenda Jones, Randall, Sue, and Shannon Jones, Kari Lowe, M&A Well Service, Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center, Morris Oil & Gas, Nationwide Insurance, Parsons One Stop, Pleasant Hill CEOS, R.P.R. Industries, Roane General Hospital, Rush Run CEOS, Diane Sampson, Shock's Well Service, Venezia & Elswick Law Offices, John Westfall, Ivy & Freda Yoak, Calhoun County Commission.

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