By Janet Siers

Mothers' sister Ruth and her son Steven visited with us from Canton, Ohio. Steve is on vacation and Aunt Ruth was feeling well enough to come see us. I made a cherry pie which is Steven favorite. I love talking to Aunt Ruth and she's doing well even though she in a wheel chair she never complains.

Glen Siers stopped by to see how Ray is. And my back was hurting. When I mentioned the possibility of getting a mattress and box spring at Furniture Plus in Chloe, Glen said if there was anyone there he would check for me and come back. Mission accomplished. What a great set and deal. They loaded Glen's truck and Tyler helped unload. Glen can't lift over 15 lbs. until he heals from his recent surgery. He's doing great and can't afford to hurt himself. Tyler and Daddy were a great help and I love my bed. Thank you so much to all of you.

Charles Haverty and his grandson Thomas stopped by for a visit. Thomas is a good baseball batter even with a stick. Charles had to get home for a nap. A short nap for him is a good thing.

I rode to Big Otter with Blaine King and on the way back he lost his power steering and it was a trip from the hill to here at Chloe. Water pump was at fault and the belt was worn to less than 1/2 inch. He made it home quickly and had it fixed the next day. He also brought me some spider plants. He seems to be overrun with them. Mother used to grow those and I always liked them.

My daughter, Ruby and her husband went camping on the Cranberry River and it was cold. The first time to use their Corbella tent and it works. Ruby slept in the middle.

Norvell and Kenneth McCune visited with us one evening and brought us cabbage and broccoli. Norve and Daddy always have to talk about being in school and Opal Stalnaker allowing them to have a good fight. She would slap her knees and laugh. When it was all over she ask them if they were done, they said yes. School was over and everyone could go home.

I would hope that Aunt Juanita will come and stay with us someday. She told me on the phone that she had stubbed her toes on all these Calhoun roads and I said it hurts bad don't it.

The years seem to rush by now, and I think of death as a fast approaching end of a journey---double and treble reason for loving as well as working while it is day. Marian Evans Cross 1819-1880.

Have a wonderful week!

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