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Attack on America! That is a headline that no American resident wants to read, but it is reality. The terrorist attacks on the United States was totally unexpected, and we find ourselves in a state of shock, terror, and outrage. We want to retaliate and make those responsible for this catastrophe pay "eye for an eye". After all, innocent lives were lost in an act that shows no respect for humanity.

Thousands of American men, women and children woke up and prepared themselves for what they thought to be another ordinary day in their lives. People readied themselves for work, school, travel and exploration. The sun was shining, the skies were blue, and the beauty of life was taken for granted.

Everyday there are stories on the television, radios, and magazines of lives destroyed by disease, disasters, and cruelty. However, many people find themselves thinking that it would never happen to them. The attack of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the questionable third target will be forever marked in American history as proof that nobody is exempt from pain.

Disaster hit and, of course, everyone is in a state of shock, denial, and pain. We can not believe that someone would be capable of disregarding the value of life. We can not believe that such a disaster could happen to us. We can not believe that our loved ones are gone.

While holding on to hope that our loved ones are not gone, we are focusing on revenge to those responsible for our pain. We have our best searching for facts that will lead us to those who are responsible for our grief. While that is happening, we Americans need to rely on each other for support. We need to realize what is truly important in life. We need to treasure our families, our friends, and our peers. We need to turn to each other for support and resolution. When this is done, we as Americans will be able to win "the war" as one...Martha Bunch

As I drove to work this morning, I came into Spencer around 10. I was listening to WVRC and Toby announced that they were starting the remembrance segment. As I crossed the bridge and started into Spencer, an unaccompanied version of The Star Spangled Banner came across the radio. As I was sitting at the red light waiting to come into town, there were American flags flying regally on every store front in town. It was quite a moving moment.

I, like every other American, am shocked and appalled at the act of cowardice that has been perpetrated against this great nation. I am hopeful that retaliation will be swift and severe. But more importantly, I feel for the families of the victims of this horrific nightmare.

I hold the utmost admiration for those that are working diligently at the sites. This act was perpetrated in an attempt to bring the country to its knees. Little did they know that it would unite every American and bring about a common bond that is stronger than any strike anyone could ever bring against us.

To the victims families and friends, my deepest condolences. To the workers, my highest admiration. And to the cowards that brought this attack, I will sleep easier knowing that you will burn in hell for what you have wrought on this country!!...Chuck Kendall

What do you do when the world you thought you knew so well turns into total chaos? Do you sit and talk with friends, calmly and without emotion, or do you rage out against everyone with anger? For me, I didn't know what to say or do on September 11, 2001. Nor do I know what to do now.

I remember that I was walking around the library on Marshall's campus when I began to hear bits and pieces of what had happened only an hour ago. Maybe I was just being a stubborn teenager and once again just did not want to listen to what my elders were saying, or maybe the whole idea that the World Trade Center had been attacked was just to bizarre a story to believe.

In time standing seconds what I did not want to believe became a harsh reality. My first reaction was to grab my cell phone and call my Mom back home and ask her what in the world was going on. She told me what I already knew, but yet still did not want to believe.

I walked slowly into the student center where everyone imaginable was huddled around the one TV in the room and that's when I broke down. On the screen there was a picture of NYC, but this time...the NYC I once knew was just a cloud of dark green, black and gray smoke.

I don't remember how much I cried, not because of what I saw...but because of all the people I automatically knew had to have been killed.

What possesses people to do such a horrible thing to so many innocent bystanders?

My heart goes out to the lives abruptly taken from this world, to the families that lost a loved one...to the families still in hope that their friend or family member is still alive and to everyone else in the world that feels the emotion and the anger that I do.

I'm only 18 years old, and I've never experienced a war, or such a horrible occasion as this...but I know just like the next person that my life is never going to be the same because of some ignorant and cowardly people...Sophie Voelkel

There are 3 Calhounians here together in Parkersburg and we would like to give our opinion. First of all God Bless America. We strongly feel prayer should be brought back in the schools and saying the pledge of allegiance to the flag like we did when we went to school.

Some of the strongest values in our lives comes from our school years and if we leave God out, some of our children will never hear about him.

Words cannot express how we feel for the victims and their families and the heart felt sympathy we feel for them, but we are a strong people and we will overcome this but will never forget the horror of September 11... Rose Minney class of 64...Betty Harvey class of 70...Bernice Sampsonclass of 57

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