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Arnoldsburg School would like to announce the King and Queen candidates for the 2001 Molasses Festival. Each year AES homerooms select the boy and girl that will represent their homeroom for the festival. Candidates campaign for the title of King and Queen by collecting pennies for votes, often resulting in thousands of dollars raised each year. The PTO uses profit from the campaign to fund projects that benefit students such as furniture and equipment, supplemental textbooks, playground equipment, and holiday parties.

Monies will be collected between now and 11 a.m. on September 25. Candidates will practice for the coronation ceremony at Arnoldsburg School at 1:30 on September 26, assisted by Coronation Coordinator, Chrissy Johnson. The Coronation Ceremony announcing the 2001 Molasses Festival King and Queen will be held at 6 p.m. at the park.

Teacher, Paula Boggs
Jacob Butler, son of Robin Butler of Arnoldsburg
Brianna Batten, daughter of Steve and Crystal Knotts of Chloe

Teacher, Jan Jarrell
Brooklyn Smith, daughter of Steve and Tracy Smith of Nicut
Nicholas Lane, son of Debbie Hersman and Danny Land of Arnoldsburg

Teacher, Judy Prusack
Brady Johnson, son of Wayne and Jennifer Johnson of Orma
Shaya Arnold, daughter of Philip Arnold of Arnoldsburg and Jennifer Arnold of Rosedale

First Grade
Teacher Charles Thomas
Heather Hughes, daughter of David and Susan Hughes of Arnoldsburg
Jason White, son of Ellen White of Orma

Teacher, Shirley Chenoweth
Rachelle Murphy, daughter of Wesley and Laura Murphy of Millstone
Jonathan Collins, son Andrew and Norma Collins of Arnoldsburg

Second Grade
Teacher, Donna Brannon
Jacob Allen, son of Nancy allen of Arnoldsburg
Alexanderia Warner, daughter of Eric and Mary Warner of Orma

Teacher Pat Baughman
Taylor Hart, daughter of Dexter and Nancy Taylor of Arnoldsburg
Nathan Cosgrove, son of Daniel and Susan Cosgrove of Chloe

Third Grade
Teacher, Bill Queen
Whitney Starcher, daughter of Fred Starcher of Arnoldsburg and Paula McKown of Arnoldsburg
Tyler Bennett, son of Curtis and Susanne Allen of Nicut

Teacher, Janice Westfall
Dennis Dye, son of David and Crystal Dye of Arnoldsburg
(not pictured) Nikketta Proctor, daughter of Delbert and Kandy Proctor of Arnoldsburg

Fourth Grade
Teacher, Phyllis Evans
Nathan Evan Summers, son of Dean and Julie Summers of Orma
Brookly Green, daughter of Crystal Green of Arnoldsburg

Teacher, Bruce Jarrell
Cody Clark, son of Dale and Terry Clark of Chloe
Kelly Nettles, daughter of Lehn and Lois Nettles of Nicut

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