By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke


Gay Park's family all gathered at her home on Burning Springs run for a get together on June 16. It was reported that all had a great time and that all the food was consumed.

Ira J. Lynch, Sr. was attending to business in Elizabeth. H. D. "Abe" Dooley was also attending to business in Elizabeth and commenting about all those "Who get nut checks." [SSI] and draw as much income as those who worked their entire lives. Many are frustrated having to support those who are able bodied and choose not to work but to be kept by the taxpayers.

One mother, son and mother's boyfriend who draw over $1000/month, not counting the medical card, were out looking for a new place to stay as they didn't pay their rent, etc, and had blown all their money and food stamps.

Betty Bish was calling on several area residents on Saturday.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell were visiting Mary Reno at Ravenswood. Earlier Mary had been visiting Anna Reno and Austin Westfall. Mary also visited with Mia Rhodes & daughter.

Wirt County Commissioner Roy Copen attended the Creston area Neighborhood Watch meeting. Newark & Elizabeth are getting organized to fight crime now too.

TOP Drilling (Haughts) are punching a hole for CAD Energy (Russell Hupp) up in what was generally known at the Meadows Settlement and another well is slated up the hollow near the Bell place. The Richardsonville road has been hot with trucks, tanks and such.

Junior Hildreth is drilling over in Roane County and the adjacent landowners note that he built roads across their lands without permission and placed at least two dams in the stream. Jon Hildreth noted that the transmission went out of their drilling rig.

It was learned that Amy N. Ferrell obtained her driver's license and her mother noted that those walking on the sidewalks and near the roadsides should be ever alert should she come tooling along.

Joe Echard built a new outbuilding near his residence.

There is an old saying that if one can't prevail with the facts, overwhelm them with male bovine body waste. Seems the DOH honchos were upset when a number of prospective employees got up and left interviews when they learned of the pay scale. Now there is a slick promotional handout talking about upward mobility, excellent salary, safe & healthy work environment, great benefits, etc.

The Loudins continue to work on the camp situate on the former Hunter F. Pell property.

Nancy Engelke, Anna, Jane & husband Wilbur Schenerlein and son Harrison all took the big bird down to Florida for a family get-together with her father, Harold Martin, who is 99.

Cabot Corp. announced that they are going to close the lampblack factory up the Ohio River above Waverly. Back when, Cabot had a lamp black factory in Creston, as well as at Cabot Station, Spencer and elsewhere. The company noted that tires are now made in The People's Republic of China and since Cabot's lampblack (actually soot) is used for tires the manufacture of that would have to go overseas too. A significant part of the chemicals industry that uses especially natural gas as a feedstock is relocating to the Persian Gulf which should make it obvious to most that American troops will leave Iraq sometime after withdrawal is completed from Germany, Japan and Korea.

Some years back some wizards in the federal government decided that manufacturing was "old fashioned" and decided that the United States should import manufactured goods. They then set up agencies to hassle those companies that tried to stay and violations were issued for too much stuff in storage areas, cluttered desks and cobwebs. Now one has to worry about contaminated Chinese toothpaste (with antifreeze), dog food with toxins and imported fish raised in sewage lagoons.

It appears that the powers that be down in the swamps of the Potomac want to revive the Illegal Alien Amnesty bill in the Congress so that more and more wet backs, terrorists, drug runners, white slavers, carriers of incurable diseases, etc. can come and live off the taxpayers.

Bill & Hillary, who are now multimillionaires, sold their stock in Wal-Mart, drug and oil companies so as to not look bad during the campaign. They kept the stock in the closely held firm that makes the jewelry for the Queen of England. Some wonder how this couple also managed to acquire a $10 million beach house in the Dominican Republic. It was noted that poor uneducated women prefer Hillary while better-educated wealthier females support Hussein Obama. The Dee Cee newspaper contrasted the two groups of women as those who had wants to those who had desires.

The price of local Penn grade crude rose to $63/bbl while the price of natural gas held in the $8 region. Dominion's line pressure continues to be high making it difficult to produce old wells in the area.

R. W. Arthur was working on Rebecca Starcher's four-wheeler. He fixed it and she and Hope took it for a spin up the Richardsonville road over the weekend.

Dean Miller has been busy putting up hay. Because of the lack of rain (drought) fields are turning brown. Sam McFee took his cattle off the pasture field and put them in one of his meadows. The tobacco plants certainly have now come down with mildew this year but they are not growing because of a lack of rain.

Suellen Arthur has obtained employment at Mineral Wells.

Those attending the Shimer reunion at the Creston Community Building included Darrell Villers, Sandy Fowler, Jerry Shortridge, Dewayne Stutler, Evelyn Bowman, Larry Bowman, Richard, Marcia, Matthew, Patrick, Adrianne Shimer, Delores Davis, Mauruna Davis, Donald Boltz, Sr. & Jr., Mary Catherine, Miracle, Bryan & Polly Boltz, James & Betty Shimer, Michelle, Rachel, Alan Bowman, Wilbur Shimer, Vergie LeMasters, George & Ruby Bingman, Aron & Cries Metzer, Nathan, Mauree, Marilyn & Guy Craft, Kathy & Beth Pritchard, Barbara & Elizabeth Cooper. Barbara Cooper's homemade bread was a hit with the crowd and James Shimer was the oldest one there. George & Ruby Bingman came the farthest and Richard & Marsha Shimer had the most family present and their grandson was the youngest.

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