A huge regional crowd attends Wood Fest truck mud bog

Pro-mudders brought their expensive machines from far and wide

The machines dug deep in the Calhoun red clay

Flinging mud across the industrial park

By Bob Weaver

The 45th Wood Festival's Truck and Pro Mud Bog event was a rip roarin' success, drawing a huge regional crowd with lots and lots of entrants.

It was a hot and dusty day, with plenty of action.

The seven-hour event, which started at 2 p.m. Saturday, featured events of three different tracks, a regular mud track, an 18" deep mud bog and a 36" mud bog.

A number of professional drivers and their machines participated with a lot of local trucks and drivers. Entrants came from all over West Virginia and at least two other states.

While the Calhoun earth is parched from lack of rain, the bogs were well-wet, causing mud to fly everywhere.

Spectators sat in their lawn chairs, set up tents and took advantage of of snacks from several food vendors.

"The participation was outstanding," said committee chairperson Angie Hersman.

At the conclusion of the event, kids were awarded cash prizes, in a dash for cash, with the first to run through the mud bog to the other side declared as winners.

Darkness comes to the track, with energy-driven kids keeping things going


Open Class: 1st Place: Eric Hutto, 2nd Place: Vic King 3rd Place: Billy Fling

Pro Class: 1st : Brian Sears,. 2nd: Joe Lawson 3rd: Jason Williams

Modified Class: 1st: Jason Williams, 2nd: Seymore Deem, 3rd Chris Judy

Outlaw Class: 1st: Seymore Deem,. 2nd: Chris Judy, 3rd: Jeff Bock

Super Street: 1st: Ron Allen 2nd: David French 3rd: Mike Wixline

Hot Street: 1st: Sam Johnson , 2nd Ron Allen , 3rd: Mike Meadows

Street: 1st: Bruan Harman 2nd: Wesley Truman, 3rd: Darrell Allen Sr.

Deep Mud Pit: 38" and below: 1st David French, 2nd Josh Burdette 3rd Brian Wagoner

Deep Mud Pit: 44" tires and up: 1st: Allen French, 2nd Tim Carpenter, 3rd Jeremy Westfall

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