By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke


The big Creston ATV Poker run will be held on Saturday, April 28. The spring ephemerals are still in flower and, if one is lucky, one can see one of those gobblers whose beard drags the ground as well as beautiful scenery, rocks. Signups start at 9 A. M. at the Creston Community building. There will be door prizes, yummy food and an all around fun day.

There was a lot of excitement in Creston Sunday evening when a brush fire got out of control out on the Umstead Ridge. The Elizabeth Wirt VFD was on the scene as was the state forester.

The gendarmes were consulting with Donald Rhodes and Charlie Menefee. Later the blue truck was towed away.

A certain well-known businessman in a nearby town discovered that he had no clean threads. Since his wife was away for a time he realized that he would have to do his own laundry so he put clothes and soap powder in the machine. After a while he came back and found that things were not going properly. Later it was determined that he had loaded up the dryer.

Folks who have been out and about have been seeing the state road equipment being hauled away to the big dispersal sale for the contractors' benefit. While PR men from the department have come up with all sorts of clichés; it is clear that a major change has been ordered. While they said there would be no reduction in force, such just might change right after the November 2008 election. Then they can say that there is no equipment for the men to run and the state is just doing its part to go along with Albert Gore, Jr. and "prevent global warming" by doing nothing. The last time equipment was sold to pay for routine operations was during the Rockefeller administration the year after the "re-election binge".

After a round with snow, frost and generally cool weather it seems that spring may be back, at least for a time. The cold snap killed lots of fruit and even the paw paws, stunted pasture and killed meadows back. This resulted in some folks having to purchase hay and, of course, the first cutting will likely be diminished.

A new strain of Lepto has hit some West Virginia sheep men and there is no vaccine for the new strain. It seems the drug companies have been tied up dealing with problems relating to government takeovers (Socialized medicine), legal quagmires, etc and research took a hit.

Because of the cold some cattle became stressed and came down with Coccidiosis. Some did not survive. In addition the exotic black buzzards have been around picking out the eyes and ripping holes in the abdomens of new calves and lambs. It is understood that the 3-S treatment works best; that is shoot, shovel and shut up.

It was also reported that the price of fertilize took a big jump; that is if it can be found at all.

The Banker Lady and the Oil Man were calling in Creston Sunday evening.

A number of local residents attended the big ramp feed at Hartley (Brohard). They had fine fixins there as well as good company. Harold Richards noted that his eyesight is failing him. He said he regretted not furthering his education.

Bert Foutty, age 78 of Washington Bottom passed away. His mother was the formers Sophia Headley of Little Creek. Mr. Foutty always kept up on his local relatives and friends.

Anna Engelke attended a Doors Tribute Band concert in Atlantic City and visited the King Tut exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Her grandmother got to see the Tut exhibit on its first trip through the country back circa 1930.

Chuck Richter is setting out gypsy moth traps again. He and Dave McKain's expert machinist were out riding their cycles Sunday afternoon.

It was learned that there was a new arrival at the Beamer residence on Little Creek. They live at the former Howard Cooper farm.

The price of local Penn grade crude oil is $58.75 with higher prices in New York & Pennsylvania.

The Creston area neighborhood watch will have a flea market at Jerry Poling's place at the end of the dePue (Creston) straight on May 19. Everyone is invited.

Some folks were camping at the C. Glen Arthur residence over the weekend & the Loudens were camping on the old Hunter F. Pell property.

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