By Alvin Engelke

The Creston area had wonderful weather for the vacationers who spent their long weekend in the local area. While some streams were muddy making for less than ideal fishing others were fine and there was lots and lots of game for folks to observe, mother hens and their wild turkey flocks, buck deer with big racks and does with twin fawns. The dragon flies were spectacular Saturday evening with their large gatherings and air shows. Many, many of our weekend visitors were four wheeling up and down the Richardsonville road and other favorite sites.

S. R. Lynch, the area nonagenarian will celebrate his 94th birthday on September 16. He allowed as how it would be neat if he received 94 cards on his birthday so readers of the column are asked to send him a note at R. F. D. #1 Box 184, Creston, West Virginia 26141. As a young man (before strict age rules were decreed by Washington) he worked on building the original 9' concrete W. Va. 14, he viewed and has photographs of the wreck on the dirigible Shennandoah, he was a welder in the war effort in WW II and spent years working in the Creston area oil fields, starting back in the days when much of the work was done with teams.

Connie Sue and Thelma Mollohan were calling on area friends the other day.

Anna Engelke and Keith Collins were dinner guests of the President of Fairmont State College, Dr. Daniel Bradley and his wife, Sheree. After the sumptuous meal they hung out with Copper, the presidential pet. Keith and "his harem" [three comely lasses] are featured in the center fold of the Fairmont State viewbook blowing bubbles at Valley Falls State Park. Anna Engelke was quoted in the flyer and shown in pictures, though not so prominently as Keith. Keith also received a "special" picture from some of his coworkers showing a modified nose. For details one can contact Vickie, Kristi or Stephanie.

Roy Jarvis was among those calling on Danny Mowrey.

Nancy Engelke was attending to business in Clay one day last week while Alvin Engelke was attending to business on Stinson.

Jerry Tephabock and Ed Gainer were attending to business in the Creston area one day last week.

E. Mart Francis reported that Chuckie Poo had to perform surgery on a fellow the other day. No doubt details could be made available to the curious.

It should be noted that Alvin Engelke still has some very loving kittens to give away. As they say, "There must have been something in the water."

Drilling is proceeding on the two deep wells in Calhoun County. It was learned that Haught is going to drill some wells on the lower West Fork to hold some acreage there for possible deep well locations.

While the price of gasolene rose during the labor day weekend, the price of local Pennsylvania grade crude oil (one of the highest grades in the world) is only $23.25/bbl or 56 cents/gallon. Penn grade crude is used for high dollar products which does not usually include fuel.

The Stutler and Schrader families gathered at the Creston Community Building for their annual reunion. Sunday.

The annual Ground Hog (Mt. Pleasant) reunion was held at the church situate high on the hill at the head of Pete's Run.

Nancy Hall was consulting her physician.

Jim Bruce is scheduled to bring the message September 9 at the Burning Springs M. E. Church. Church starts at 9:30 A. M. & all are welcome.

Debbie Griffin and Aunt Verda were attending to business in Spencer.

Glenn and Joanne Griffin and Rodgie of Manchester, Ohio, Bill and Donna Chambers of Jeffersonville, Indiana, Eloise Wayne of Louisville, Kentucky, and Debbie and JB Griffin were among those calling on Uncle Pete and Aunt Verda at their Millstone residence.

C Romeo Griffin, Jr., Josemite Sam and Tosha Dawson were among those calling on Cap'n Spock at the Burning Springs Space Dock. Sam and some esteemed associates are currently discussing plans to construct an aeroplane from scratch, much the same as Orville and Wilbur did at the dawn of aviation. The plans are rumored to call for components from bicycles and shopping carts (wheels), a Volkswagen engine, etc. Sam's significant other has yet to approve the endeavour, it is reported.

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