Calhoun Middle School has announced this year's spelling bee winners:

5th grade winners:

Stephanie Roberts; Stephanie Hall; William Yearian; Danielle Richards; Kyleigh Hosey; Megan Barton; Autumn Blair; Cole Sims; Brittany Tallhammer; Logan Moore; Bailie Cain; Kayla Church; Delaney Cunningham; Nathan Peck; Kenny Dawson; Ryan Slider; Rachel Shrader; Kelsey Jett; Nicholas Smith; Nicholas Lane; Cody Parsons; Hannah Burris; Katie Riggs; Katelynn Daniels; Matthew Rader; Justin Siers

6th grade winners:

Justin Mowrey; Kristyn Starcher; Nick Sampson; Nick Roberts; Trisha Turner; Lacy Proctor; Rick Allen; Danielle Kendall; Robyn Bradley; Megan Hartz; Ruby Prusack; Makayla J. (no last name given); Tessa Greathouse; Jolynn Smith; Levi Gordon; Monica Wilson; Kenadee Taylor; William Keaffaber; Jared Haught; Lindsey Webb; Belinda Summers; Philip Norman; Chelsea Jones; Austin Satterfield; Gunner Roberts; Hannah Peck; Courtney McCormick; Marshall Grogg; Jonluc Harris; Erika Wood; Marissa May; Courtney Conrad

7th grade winners:

Ali Gumbarevic; Jean Blair; Colleen Thompson; Jordan Mace; Sidney Hipp; Tiffany Freed; Maddy Munson; Amber Wilford; Ariane Stough; Brian Smith; Nathan Cosgrove; Jacob Jett; Katie Rogers; Carl Gerber; Chelsea Heery; Steven Sims; Heaven Roberts; Rochelle Gerwig; Kelcey Bourne; Sam Church; Brittany Kearns; Tyler Snider; Sarah Lane; Kenzie Laughlin; April Frymier; Sam Fulks; Phoenix Bradley

8th grade winners:

Stewart Fitzwater; Ann Frymier; Brook Talley; Shawn Whipkey; Kevin Hardbarger; Katie Collins; Lauren Rogers; Zach Hanshaw; Peter Vassilopolis; Dillon Mefford; Cody Hickman; Quentin Murphy; Maria Klingshirn; Zac Swearrengin; Amara Yoak; Autumn Harkins; Roy Starcher; Michelle Hall; Erik Johnson; Martha Jarvis; Marybeth Cyrus; Alisha Hall; Shaina Richards; Kelsey Wood; David Villers; Karissa Reip; Joe Padgett; Caleb Richards

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