A controversy over a large advertising billboard at the entrance of Calhoun Middle/High School was a hot topic at last week's Calhoun School Board meeting. Board President Rick Fitzwater said he had received lots of complaints about the billboard not being attractive on the campus.

Board member and Tobacco Coalition administrator Carlene Frederick said fifteen students in the Student Coalition Against Tobacco voted to keep the present billboard, which stands at the entrance to the school. Superintendent of Schools Ron Blankenship said it was his personal opinion "billboards are worthless" to reduce tobacco use. He felt other methods of helping kids stay off tobacco were more successful.

Frederick gave an informational presentation about tobacco use, which indicated the numbers of kids using tobacco in Calhoun County is approaching 50%.

Frederick presented ideas about creating a new and more attractive display closer to the ground, which would have more eye appeal. Board member Ralph Cunningham indicated the placement of a large advertising billboard on school grounds was "going down a rocky road." He wondered where the line would be drawn with other groups with good causes.

Donna Jordan, a member of the Minnora Community Center board, spoke to the board about changing a decision not to fund a "Lights On" tutoring program at Minnora. She asked "Can't we in good faith, change the decision of the 'Lights On' advisory committee?"

Jordan was advised the project appeared to be sound, but it would have been in conflict with Arnoldsburg being the designated site for "Lights On" programs.

There was a general discussion of the impact of the "Lights On" project for the county, as the regular school program is starting.

Principal Sheri Graham told the board the Micro Society Program at the Arnoldsburg school is no longer being utilized.

The board voted to rescind the Reduction in Force layoffs of Stephanie Whiting and Calvin Nicholas, and voted to hire several other people (See earlier story in The Herald). Substitute teachers hired include Rosemary Ailes, Julie Allen, Linda Ashby, Bonnie Bever, Bonnie Bock, Dawn Butler, Debra Butler, Cathy Craddock, Deb Hartshorn, Linda Jones, Joanna McKown, Charlotte Miller, Jean Miller, Amanda Morris, Valerie Mullins, Eleanor Neilson, Kristie Ritchie, Angela Sims, Marvin Starcher, Jon Townsend, Darlene Vanhorn, Yvonne Wagoner, Carol Webb and Jan Whited.

Substitute service personnel hired, Marshal Bever, Lester Channell, Marsha Collins, Joann Dawson, Rhonda Deweese, Brenda Dickey, Kay Greathouse, Kevin Hess, Joyce Holbert, Margaret Kirby, Chris Stewart, Youvonne Tallman, Earlene Thomas, Eric Webb, James West, Geneva Westfall, Nancy Whipkey, Clarice Whytsell and Calvin Wilson.

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