UPDATE: Zack Hupp, 24, of Grantsville was scheduled to be released from Ruby Memorial Hospital Saturday.

By Drew Moody
For the Hur Herald

A Whiting Aveneue home on Camden Flats in Glenville is well known to neighbors and police. Thursday night, people where there partying, according to Glenville authorities.

Gilmer County EMS was dispatched to the scene at 11:55 p.m., responding to a call reporting injuries.

Glenville Police officer Sgt. Darrell Lott was first on the scene. About 20 youth were standing in the road when he arrived.

One man lay bleeding and unconscious in the street. Zack Hupp, 24, of Calhoun County, suffered head injuries after apparently striking his head on the pavement.

Lott heard a variety of different stories regarding Hupp's injuries, from being intoxicated and falling down, being struck by a passing Jeep to being in a fight.

Oddly enough, upon initial questioning police could find no one who actually saw Hupp get injured. "It's kind of hard to believe," Lott said. "You've got 20 people - this kid's laying in the road bleeding and nobody saw anything."

Sgt. Lott said a few of those he spoke with were clearly intoxicated. He suspected several were under the legal drinking age.

However, no arrests were made because his primary duty was making sure Hupp was attended to. The injured man's safety was more important than writing a few tickets, he said.

As of Friday night there is no longer an investigation into the incident, and no charges are pending, unless the victim files criminal charges.

Sgt. Lott said he believes they know the man who was likely involved, and so does victim.

A few of those who talked to police said Hupp and another man were "cutting up" earlier in the evening. They went on to surmise the two knew each other and were friends.

"This isn't the first time we've been there for something like this, Sgt. Lott said of the home hosting the revelry.

A HealthNet helicopter left Glenville at 1:25 a.m. en route to Morgantown.

Hupp was admitted to Ruby Memorial Hospital, where he was reportedly on a ventilator for a time.

Sgt. Lott said family members told him there was initially concern about pressure on the brain.

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