By Alvin Engelke

Friends & relatives are reminded that the Grim reunion will be held Saturday, August 18 at the Creston Community Building. All relatives and friends are urged to make the day memorable for everyone.

Cephas "Bill" Mowrey, Jr. age 81, passed away in Parkersburg. He formerly lived on the Richardsonville road and maintained a keen interest in his home country.

Mildred Villers, age 80, of Annamoriah passed away. One of Scott Greathouse's 21 children, she was the wife of George "Pappy" Villers.

Clifford Gibson, age 94, of Lemuel's Run passed away recently.

There have been large numbers of dragon flies in the air around Creston recently. Such is usually a sign of fall. Shawn Starcher was leading his Billy goat around Creston Sunday afternoon. It was learned that Keith Collins is planning a "ghost walk" trip to Gettysburg battlefield soon. He is interested in history and has several relatives who participated in the 1860s unpleasantness. Faye Church and Anna Reno went camping over near Harper's Ferry over the weekend. Faye reported that it rained and the tent leaked but that they had a good time.

Christy Corrigan, Sherry Skinner, Jonathan and Paige Corrigan came and visited with Robbie Corrigan while Faye was away.

Rev. Robert Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church and provided Holy Communion for the worshipers there.

Deep well drilling continues to be a hot topic with more and more permits issued. Some local residents attended a meeting in Morgantown hosted by Seisco, a firm which offers the seismic data that the state gave away some years ago to the Rockefeller family. One can now buy it back and determine the gas potential of one's property.

The State of Alabama recently obtained a judgment against Exxon, part of the Standard Oil Trust, for cheating on oil and gas royalties. Because of the outrageous nature of the swindle, Exxon was also levied punitive damages. It is noted that similar situations exist in West Virginia.

The Wirt road crew was doing some work in the Creston area. There was some big excitement Thursday in Burning Springs when a big crane was used to move a building at the Oil and Gas Park. Col. Hale Maze was in charge on the operation.

SFC & Mrs. Thomas J. Fluharty (USA retired) and Mr. and Mrs.Kenny Heiny and family spent the week at a posh golf and beach resort near Wilmington, North Carolina.

A number of local residents had a problem with the extreme heat and humidity that the area experienced last week. Some rain came which, hopefully, will bring back more temperate weather. The heat and humidity did make grass, corn, etc. grow.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Wirt County Farm Bureau will meet Tuesday, August 21 at 8 P. M. at the road garage in Elizabeth.. Resolutions will be discussed including Sunday hunting, Palestine Bass Hatchery future use, etc.

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