By Alvin Engelke

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cunningham and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cunningham are visiting in St. Louis and in the Ozarks.

The Grim reunion will be held Saturday, August 18 at the Creston Community Building. Everyone is welcome to come visit and bring some goodies to share.

John and Kelly Alastanous, Danielle, Matthew and Alexis, Keith and Kathy Collins and Anna Engelke visited Seneca Rocks, Dolly Sods, Smoke Hole Caverns and Valley Falls. Anna had a fall whilst climbing Seneca Rocks and then fell in while on a slippery rock at Valley Falls. She had to be pulled out of the river.

A local resident has been busy gathering up Catawba worms for fish bait.

The Creston Church has "adopted" the crosses on the hill on the dePue farm. The grass was mowed around the crosses and they will soon be painted again with a special paint.

J. B. Griffin reported that a Collie sized light brown stray dog has been frequenting his front porch & that the dog's owner (whoever that may be) is welcome to pick her up and take her home. Otherwise, a professional consultation with the dog catcher may be deemed necessary.

There has been a lot of talk about the DNR's plans to close down what was formerly known as the Palestine Bass Hatchery. The DNR's present spin is that there is no need to stock bass, even in years that there is no natural breeding. Not so long back some local fishermen caught some fine, breeding size catfish that were about ready to lay eggs down below the Wells Lock. They took them well upstream to help restock the Little Kanawha. They asked the DNR if they could have fish tags and then wanted to know if they could be told when and where the fish were caught again. They were curtly told, "The State is interested only in trout!"

Area residents are getting ready for the Wirt County Fair.

C. Romeo Griffin, Jr. & Ann Harris of Owl Hill celebrated their respective birthdays Saturday evening with a cookout. C. Romeo is reported to be a charcoal grill gourmet, having prepared enough grub for the whole crowd. Those attending included Josemite Sam and Tammy Dawson & Tosha, Richard Gribble, Roy & Donna Copen, Tracy, Brianna and Brody Harris, Kayla Copen, Dalton Griffin, Lois & Cooter Marks & sons, Debbie and John Griffin.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ferrell and Alvie were attending to business in Elizabeth.

Cap'n Chuck Richter was calling on Cap'n Spock at the spacedock on his way from Sunny Cal back to his Freeport residence. Chuck has a new (to him) motorcycle. Dixie the K-9 Quarterback, was glad to see her buddy Chuckles again.

Prognosticators are stating that there is a good chance oil prices will go way up thus putting an end to a 20 year economic boom which dates from Ronald Reagan's time. Of particular concern is the dependence upon oil from the Arab world which is not noted for being the most stable. The local price of Penn grade crude presently is $23.75.

CNR is laying pipeline to the "dry wells" on Canoe and Flat Run in Roane County adding credence to the report that they drilled in 15 wells just as good as the discovery well that was estimated at 50 million cubic feet/day.

Donzil White reported that Lela White is not doing well at all and he doubted that she would ever be able to walk again. The present discussion involves just how much will have to be amputated.

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