The local school board covered a number of items at Monday's meeting.

Board member Mike Wilson expressed concerns about student behavior in the parking lot at CM-HS during recent football games, including reports of smoking marijuana.

Board president Lee Evans said he felt school officials were monitoring the parking lots, indicating law enforcement would be asked to patrol the areas.

Board member Steve Whited expressed concerns regarding the completion of the Wayne Underwood Museum building, which has box seats for football games.

Board member Cynthia Dale wanted to know if other organizations needed to be reimbursed for mileage, after a change was made regarding a transportation policy.

Lee Evans went down a check list of maintenance problems at CM-HS, from water fountains to showers that were inoperable, with Facilities Director Donnie Pitts indicating most of the problems have been fixed, while others are on the list.

The board met earlier Monday for a goal setting workshop, prior to the regular meeting.

Calvin Phillips addressed the Board regarding a bus route on Leading Creek, requesting service be restored to his residence for a student.

Linda Jarvis gave a report on the Respect and Protect program at Calhoun Middle School, regarding school discipline. (Read special Herald story 9/19/06)

The board approved the use of the county's three schools for voting during the General Election.

Volunteer Agreements approved: Bruce Fitzwater - CMHS; Deborah Hartshorn - CMHS; Arliss Miller - Pleasant Hill; Rosemary Miller - Pleasant Hill; Brenda Smith - Pleasant Hill; Howard Williams - CMHS.

Student transfers approved: Cassie Freeland (grade 8) from Calhoun County to Roane County; Jakob Henderson (grade 1 ) from Calhoun County to Wirt County; Ashley McCracken (grade 4) from Calhoun County to Clay County; Katlyn McCracken (grade 6) from Calhoun County to Clay County; Cassandra Roberts (grade 10) from Gilmer County to Calhoun County; Jon Siegrist - Wirt County (grade ) from Calhoun County to Wirt County; Michel Snider (grade 6) from Calhoun County to Ritchie County

Home-school requests approved: Parents - Don and Jenny Beamer - Students: Sarah (grade 10), Leah (grade 12), Ben (grade 10), Joel (grade 7) and Christie (grade 5); Parents - Christopher and Heather Hall -Student: Troy Frances Browning (grade 2); Parent - Robin Knotts - Students: Calvin Knotts (grade 8), Emma Knotts (grade 6/7), Anna Knotts (grade 3/4), and Benjamin Knotts (grade K); Parent - Christine Miller - Students: Emily Miller (grade 8) and Lyndsey Miller (grade 6); Parent - Robin McCumbers - Student: Carol McCumbers (grade 6).

The board went into executive session for 15 minutes to discuss personnel issues.

The board approved resignations: Ashley Fox - Homeless Grant Tutor coordinator; Mike Sims - Middle School Boys Basketball Coach.

Job postings: Middle School Boys Basketball Coach; Elementary Teacher - PHE; Elementary Teacher - PHE; Temporary Bus Operator; Temporary Bus Operator - Career Center; Multi Class Bus Operator/Custodian (Bus #15); Temporary Bus Operator/Custodian (Bus #22); Half Time Mathematics and Social Studies Teacher - CMHS (Posted Twice); Middle School Tutor Coordinator; Middle School Tutors; Mentor - Elementary Teacher - PHE.

Employment: Vickie Baker - Mentor Teacher for Elementary TIS; Betty Westfall - Mentor Teacher for Math Teacher - CMHS; Linda Jarvis - Mentor Teacher for Math Teacher - CMHS; Kristie Ritchie - Mentor Teacher for Elementary Teacher - PHE; Jan Whited - Mentor Teacher for Elementary Teacher - PHE; Connie Summers - Mentor Teacher for Special Education Teacher - Arnoldsburg; Terry Jones - Mentor Teacher for Multi-Subjects Teacher - CMHS; Maggie Bennett - Mentor Teacher for Half Time Media Specialist - CMHS; Susan Johnson - Substitute Teacher; Samantha Jarvis - Substitute Teacher; Tracy Meadows - Substitute Teacher; Amanda Morris - Substitute Teacher; Alicia Shaffer - Substitute Teacher; Denzil Dye - Temporary Bus Operator - Career Center; Marisha Collins - Substitute Cook; Kristie Ritchie - Homebound Instructor; Misty King - Half Time Mathematics, Science and Social Studies Teacher CMHS; Becky Miller - Mentor - Elementary Teacher - PHE; Misty King - Middle School Tutor Coordinator; Cody Johnson - Middle School Tutor; Nancy Kirby - Middle School Tutor; Kenneth Jones - Middle School Tutor; Savana Priest - Middle School Tutor; Trilce Townsend - Middle School Tutor; Leanne Walker - Middle School Tutor; Becky Williams - Middle School Tutor.

Transfers: Ashley Fox - Elementary Teacher - PHE (transfer from CMHS Effective 09/07/06); Kenneth McCumbers - Temporary Bus Operator (Bus #8) (Effective 08/28/06); Joseph Taylor - Multi-Class Bus Operator/Custodian from Bus #20 to Bus #15 (Effective 09/19/06).

Financial matters approved: Invoices - $645,065.04; Supplements - $109,042.00; Supplement - $2,884,470.08; Transfers - $346,442.53; FY06 Financial Statement.

A special meeting is scheduled for September 28 and the next regular meeting is scheduled for October 16.

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