By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke


Because of Bobby Ray Starcher's surgery, there will not be a September auction at the Creston Community Building. The next auction will be the first Saturday in October.

While Denver and Tammy McFarland were away during his father's last few days, thieves came and robbed them of their lawn mower, four wheeler, jewelry, guns, personal papers, etc. Included among the items stolen were Denver's grandfather's pistol, Tammy's family jewelry and many personal items of significant sentimental value. Since it was known that they were spending time helping with the sick and then with other family members in mourning it is quite obvious that only the lowest of the slime would come and rob them.

The gendarmes were in Creston and picked up some of the employees of the Spot & Steal Division of the Midnight Supply Corp. They were able to recover some of Denver McFarland's guns but not the old pistol. It seems that the criminals burned the McFarland family papers. When it was mentioned in Spencer that some of this bunch had been taken away in the cuffs, a Roane County official stated, "Good, now you can pay the regional jail bill for them for a while. Our bill had been $25,000/month but now it is down to 'only' $20,000"

On Saturday a dead red fox was in the middle of the road near where Harley and Bertha Wells formerly lived but by Sunday afternoon the buzzards had pretty much cleaned up the entire mess. While it might not be PC (politically correct) these criminal families could be made to assume ambient temperature and provide nourishment for the big birds with the wrinkled, hairless heads. It is understood that some local residents intend to do just that. Such is much more of a deterrent than "non-supervised probation, etc."

Pamela Stall, age 60, wife of "Gabby" Stall who formerly ran a store at Annamoriah, passed away.

Mark Shimer who has been on the sick list was transferred from St. Joseph's Hospital to Camden Clark where he underwent surgery on his throat. On Saturday he was able to joke with the ICU staff and visitors.

Martha Bell who works in ICU noted that she and about a dozen others came up the other day to visit with Rev. S. E. Cooper, Jr.

Johnny Miller, the mailman for the Annamoriah, Joker, Hur & Mt. Zion sections was a patient in the St. Joseph's hospital to check out some ticker problems.

C. Glen Arthur had quite a bit of company over the weekend.

Jack Boggs was cleaning the outside of the house with a pressure washer and "took out" a window and almost hosed Connie. He almost got into big trouble.

The comely Chrissy Webster is now a student at Ambassador Baptist College in Gladimore, North Carolina. Last weekend Larry and Marge moved her down. Everyone wishes her the best.

It was learned the glabrous resident of Deever's Fork who got his teeth broken is now on the mend and it was also learned that the "incident" happened in Sam's Cat House. One would have thought our man would have been more discrete.

Anna Engelke was spending time in Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown and Busch Gardens recently. Her employment allows for her to hit all the good spots, it seems. Even though these trips are "work" she has a lot of fun and meets lots of new people.

Ergon, the big Pennsylvania grade crude oil buyer, will have its big catfish fry on Wednesday September 13 at their terminal 10 miles up Ohio Route 7 above Marietta. For an RSVP call Judy at 1-800-278-3364. Locally, they have started to build their new oil tank at Brooksville and most of the big spools of green plastic have been forced through the existing oil line which had developed "porosity" in places. It would seem that they are planning on transporting significant quantities of crude oil as well as brine.

The price of local Penn grade crude was $68.25 while gasoline in Parkersburg was $2.609/gallon for low test.

Cabot Corp. has been working to fix the leak in their transmission line where it crossed the Little Kanawha River near the mouth of Island Run. They were using big equipment.

A number of local residents attended the countywide Methodist picnic, sing, Holy Communion and generally fun service Sunday at the park in Elizabeth. There was fine food, good singing, a good message and lots & lots of fellowship with folks from other communities.

The FFA put on a pig and lamb roast in Elizabeth to start off their new year and introduce the new Vo-Ag teacher & the FFA officers to the community. It should be noted that they had an excellent program and speaker and the meal was a delight with both tasty pork and lamb meat, all one could eat.

W. Va. made the national news again with a business climate only better than Louisiana. The Big Boss has made it pretty clear now that he will have a special session just after the election to "give 'certain' business relief" and "modernize taxation" in W. Va. It has been made clear that land tax is "too cheap and should be raised several fold" and many fear that is the plan. It should be noted that some running for office with close ties to the Big Boss have campaign promises that would require substantial tax increases to fund. The plans for the special session are not for normal people to see, for some reason.

Delores and Daryl Bushong, along with Alvin Engelke, went up Yellow Creek to find the grave of their mutual great, great grandfather, Jonathan dePue. He is buried in the Hopkins - dePue cemetery along with Oakley Hopkins who was killed by bushwhackers in 1861 who wanted his rifle, which he had obtained, in the Mexican war. They also checked records in the Calhoun County Court House and went to the Wolverton cemetery where Jonathan G. dePue, one of his sons is buried.

Ernest Wagoner was very helpful and took them to the exact location which could be hard to find if one did not know the country. The Bushongs farm 1200 acres near Mt. Blanchard Ohio.

The Creston area received a good rain Sunday afternoon. The rain was a good thing as streams were starting to get very low, etc. and pastures were turning brown. Tobacco is ready to harvest and bushytails are cutting on the hickory nuts.

Area scholars are back in school for another season. One would hope that the educrats decide to teach the youth of West Virginia this year.

Nancy & Jane Engelke attended market for Jane's store at AmericasMart in Atlanta. They took the big bird from the Mouth of the Elk and when riding in the taxi to the hotel in Atlanta they watched in terror as a car came at 80 MPH toward them and aiming at where Nancy was sitting. There was a slight swerve and the car hit the vehicle in back of them ending up on the hood of the vehicle, likely killing the driver. The wreck ended up in the flowers in the median and rocks were thrown on the taxi resulting in dents, dings & scratches. When the speeding vehicle came to a stop the driver and passenger jumped out and high tailed it for other places. Nancy & Jane were shaking for most of the day thereafter.

Elizabeth Michaels, Jane's store has been nominated for the 2006 DIVA Prom Retailer of the year award. Only three stores were nominated from the Atlanta's AmericasMart. The winner will be announced at a grand celebration during the October market in Atlanta.

Amy N. Ferrell went shopping for school clothes.

Richard McFall was attending to business in Creston.


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