Rediscover the quiet delight of letters.

In the '60s, a lot of people "turned on and tuned out." Today, we're so tuned in, we are "WiFi-ed." Armed with cell phones, Blackberries, iPods, satellite radio, and instant messaging, many of us have never been more "connected" ... or so overwhelmed.

In the steadily growing chaos we call life - with its never-ending meteor shower of information, commentary, and noise - more and more people are rediscovering the quiet delight of sending and receiving cards and letters.

Letters help make moments special. Joys are recorded and savored. Problems fade, or at least gain perspective, when they are written down and shared among family and friends by mail. When you sit down to write a friend, you are never alone.

Taking the time to write a letter says so much to the recipient. Pausing to think about your friend or loved one, to revisit your memories and experiences, and to put those thoughts and emotions on paper bring these feelings to life for you as well as the recipient.

When flowers have wilted, chocolates have turned to unwanted pounds, IMs and e-mails have evaporated, and phone conversations have been forgotten, letters of love and messages of comfort and consolation remain, to be read and appreciated over and over again. One of my most precious treasures is the stash of letters and cards received over decades from childhood friends, loved ones long gone, and chatty communiqués from long-distance pals detailing everyday life.

Rereading a note earmarking a special event such as a birth brings a warm glow of remembrance that I savor and cherish.

Unplug. Turn off. Slow down for a moment or two. Take off the headphones or cell phone ear-piece. Recognize that sound? It's called "silence." Kind of nice, isn't it?

Now enjoy the moment, share it and your feelings, with a friend of loved one. Scribble a note or send them a letter. Show them you care in a personal and lasting way.

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