By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke


Rev. Paul Williams filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church. Mary Newton & son, the Curtis Marks family, Janet Jett & Paul Williams all sang and all agreed that it was the best service since goodness knows when with music being the main thrust.

The shrine ATV poker run will be held on the historic dePue farm on Saturday, July 22 with sign up starting at 9 A. M.

The Creston Community Building poker run didn't have as many riders as last time as the weatherman was calling for more toad stranglers but instead the sun came out and, with the exception of the fellow who drove off the road and rolled his ATV, everyone had a good time. Wirt school super Dan Metz had a flat tire and two other vehicles laid down, one with a wheel bearing. The comely Ashley Copen won the 50/50 while Keith Rippeto came in first with Robert Novacek second and Sharon Thomas from Camp Littlebuck third. Ace cub reporterette Ty Hennen covered the event for the Elizabeth newspaper.

As a result of the heavy downpours local streams rose and came in violation of EPA pollution standards (got muddy) but did not get out of the banks. Many now feel that the river will stay muddy until after Dog Days.

Tim Abel lost his rear seat cushion for his ATV. If anyone finds it his number is 354-7890.

John Broschart who lives in Barbour County came down for the ride. He also discussed Dominion's coal bed methane (CBM) wells up in his country. Companies have taken interest in CBM from Wood and Ritchie Counties, through Calhoun and eastward and south to Virginia. The northern panhandle has had such for a long time.

There was a meeting of "stakeholders" down at the Mouth of the Elk River concerning the big tax revision that is being planned for the lame duck legislature after the election in November. It was made clear that the big boss feels that property taxes on homes, farms and small businesses are FAR too low and need to be increased to "provide relief" for certain other businesses or, maybe, provide funds for someone's pet project. Of course there was no mention of parity for those special businesses that now pay about 1/100th of the rate of ordinary taxpayers. They too likely "ate better vegetables when they were little". As an example, for almost a century United States Steel was classed in W. Va. as a "utility".

Bruce McCune of Orma passed away. He was a descendant of Revolutionary War patriot Peter McCune after whom Pete's Run was named. Bruce had many area relatives.

Connie Boggs who delivers the mail on the old Cremo Star Route had quite a scare the other day when a cub bear jumped out in the Richardsonville road in front of her. One might say things are getting "wild".

Jeff Westfall was calling on area relatives and friends.

Alvin & Nancy Engelke were attending to business in a southern W. Va. court house when Mrs. Nebberhappy came into the sheriff's office to complain "Bout how the law was treatin' her fambly". Now it seems that Deputy McGruff was hanging around the office that day and while wimmen like Mrs. Nebberhappy never meant much to him he got real excited when she showed up and took a special interest in her pocketbook. He got so excited her pocket book was searched and it was found that she had a big plastic bag full of dried leaves and it wasn't oregano.

A number of area residents attended the Republican women's picnic at Elizabeth Sunday afternoon. Anna Border played the bagpipes and Amanda Ray sang. State Sen. Donna Boley and State Sen. Frank Deem spoke as did Delegate Larry Border and Commissioner Robert Lowe. The women also fixed lots of goodies for those that were present.

It was learned that last winter a stand of virgin timber situate on steep slopes was cut & moved using helicopters. It was understood that a crew came in from Alaska to do the work. Folks who lived downstream noted that there were no slippy hillsides, silted up streams, etc.

Apparently the "president" of Iran didn't get around to reading the Book of Esther and has started on his plan to annihilate Israel and kill all the Jews. As a result, the world price of oil rose to $78/bbl while the local price rose to $72.75/bbl. The Iranian (Persian) ruler might do well to follow the fortunes of Haman in particular.

Former Creston mayor Oris Meadows reported that he had a first time experience the other day when he was run over by Alvin the Chipmunk. Seems the former mayor who now lives on Barnes Run was sitting on his porch minding his own business when the ground squirrel ran up on the porch and hit his leg. Fearful of becoming the makings of squirrel gravy the chipmunk quickly fled. At last report both Oris and the chipmunk were fine and none the worse for wear.

While the state Supreme Court has ruled that gas companies cannot take expenses out of royalties, some of the big boys have come with a new idea to short folks. New "division order" forms specify that taxes and expenses can be taken out of royalties so one has to read closely and then mark out the offending language.

Joe Webb and "Bob" Starcher were calling in Creston Saturday. They reported that Bob Miller is back on the state road payroll. The other day it was noted that he started back in 1950.

FedEx was making a delivery in Creston on Saturday. Jack & Bill have been delivering the mail lately instead of Arley Parker.

There still has been no report from the fire marshal about the arson fire that was reported to DPS.

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