400 attend alumni gathering at new Calhoun Middle-High School

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Uldrich (Class of 1936)
of Whittier CA return for 70th anniversary

Commons area filled after reunion program, celebrating 19th alumni event

Dr. Charles Albert and JoAnn Campbell Stump
return from Daytona, Florida for annual event

Dora Starcher of Chloe (1936) shares old school booklet with friend

By Bob Weaver July 2006

There were 400 alumni and family members at the 19th annual get-together, held over the weekend at Calhoun Middle-High School.

Other than a dozen or so registrants, all the alumni dated back from the Class of 1966, those graduating from the old Calhoun County High School in Grantsville.

MC for the event, William "Bill" Ice (1948), announced the alumni scholarship, presented to Justin Whipkey (2006).

William L. Ice of 1948, MC for event (left), and Loyd Wright
of 1955, acting president of alumni association welcomes visitors

West Virginia's Superintendent of the Year, Ron Blankenship (1965) took time to recognize "One of the best teachers I ever had, Donald McCartney."

There was special recognition of the 70th anniversary Class of 1936, including Duane Uldrich, who attended from Whittier, CA. Others included Oleta Burrows Dye, Nila Kight Osborne, James O. Stalnaker and Carl Sturm.

Jean Muncy Simers (1966), speaking for her 40th anniversary class, said "In Calhoun we don't have to worry about traffic gridlock, unless there's a meat sale at the Foodland."

She recalled the coming of TV to the county, a channel or two. "Now it's hard to survive without the Internet," she said, reminding visitors that the people are still the county's greatest resource.

The class of '66 had 166 graduates, which has now dropped to 70 in 2006.

Joe Starcher, speaking for the Class of '61, spoke about many of his classmates who have gone on to "really accomplish a lot with their lives." Starcher said "I'm a DVM - dog vaccination man."

He said four of the five educators that made a mark on his life were from Calhoun County High School, mentioning Eugene Reynolds and Fred Barnes.

Class of '36 Carl Sturm (left) and Class of '42 long-time
Calhoun educator Eugene Reynolds (right) enjoy event

Starcher said "I've had a great life and wouldn't change a thing, except I once voted for a Republican."

Bertha Shock Cromley (1956), representing the 50th anniversary class, said "Graduates with Calhoun roots are planted all over America. The proof is in the pudding, and there's lots of good pudding."

Nancy McDonald Street (1946) saluted her graduating class, with eight members attending the event, saying "It was a great experience for us" (attending CCHS).

The Class of '61 had an alumni gathering at the county park and the Class of '56 had a get-together at Grantsville's senior center.

Terri Harris (left) and Cassie Smith Sayre

(L-R) Joyce Ball Fitzwater, Carroll Weekley and Bill Godfrey

(L-R) Ron Blankenship, Andy and JoAnne Kelley Molessa

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