By Alvin Engelke

The Creston church put on another series of hayrides with real horses and wagons Saturday. Earlier in the day there were short rides and then 28 came to the Moody residence for dinner and a ride to the old church at Ground Hog for a sing. 38 made that trip including Lucille Ledsome who went up and back in her wheel chair. She was offered a car ride but she said, "No, I want to take this special ride."

Next Saturday the Creston church will have a gospel sing, starting at 7 P. M with food being served at the church starting at 6 P. M. Everyone is welcome. The wheelchair ramp to the church is now done, along with a sidewalk and the next job is a fellowship hall behind the church house.

Rev. Bob Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church. Linda Hall, who had been sick for an extended period, was able to make it back to church.

It was learned that Lela White has been on the sick list again.

Nancy Engelke was attending to business in Point Pleasant one day last week.

The old furniture salesman reported that he and Two Guns went out to thin the whistle pigs on the Carper bottoms over on the Munday road. It was reported that there was a lot of shooting and even "the bear hunter" reported seeing healthy ground hogs running about. Apparently, Two Guns will never get the nickname of "Dead Eye Dick"

. The Canada fisherman reported that the Great Pifu did well catching stickfish during their recent sojourn in the Canadian north woods. His biggest catch was near where he lost his rod and reel a few seasons past. The stickfish "give him quite a tussle, almost thought he was going to lose it" but finally he reeled it in and had to get the chain saw to cut it up so it would fit in the boat. One fellow said it was the Great Pifu's special environmental training that helped him through it all.

Now the Pifu said he got a 25 1/4" 4 1/2 lb. walleye while the Canada fisherman only got a 23" 3 1/2 lb. fish. The latter is said to be in a deep depression. The environmentalists make 'em throw all fish between 27 1/2" and 34" back even though they get damaged while being caught.

Anna Engelke and Keith Collins visited the battlefields at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Ocean City, Maryland. They checked out the boardwalk and visited Asateague Island, one the barrier islands which is home for the wild ponies made famous in the story Misty.

Local residents are among those getting ready for the Wirt County Fair.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ferrell and Amy spent last week vacationing in Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina. They were visiting historic and scenic sites. They had a great time and didn't want to come back to work.

J. P. and R. P. Marks have returned from a week camping in Camp Daniel Boone in North Carolina.

Alvin Engelke has some very adorable kittens to give to good homes.

Cap'n & Mrs. Spock were vacationing in the West Virginia mountains this past week, taking in Smoke Hole & Seneca Caverns, National Radio Observatory and the Cass Scenic Rail Road.

Josemite Sam and C. Romeo Griffin, Jr. finished a fine grill at the Burning Springs Space Dock, using the Cao'n's new (to him) welder. Josemite Sam is said to be an expert welder.

In deep well news Columbia Natural Resources and others have been busy. Columbia, apparently, has been prospecting again using airplanes and some new sections, especially in Roane County, have shown promise. The picture is getting clear that the folks down at the Mouth of Elk River are working to give the Rockefeller family firm a break in the taxes on their Trenton/Black River wells allowing all sorts of costs to be deducted from the income -- no doubt things like the ranch in Venezuela, Jay's shanty in Washington, D. C., the Reston, Virginia office, etc. Earlier the firm had indicated that the expected lifetimes of the deep wells would only be three years. It was reported that Jack McClure who formerly worked for Columbia is scheduled to begin working for Triana next month.

Local residents are reminded to get their farm use forms back to the county assessor before September 1. The folks who gave the tax breaks to the big boys fixed the law so no slack can be given local residents if the papers aren't filed on time.

Canterberry, the Regional Jail King, is about to expand his empire with the new regional lockup in Doddridge County. No one elected him to any position but he has the power to rule absolutely. This turn around some state senators may get retired and maybe the new ones will cut the little tyrant down to size.

A former local resident made Fanny Seiler's column in The Charleston Gazette. The article had to do with truck bed liners, etc. and federal investigators. It was noted that during the Clinton/Gore 8 years the federal men were kept out of circulation. Jerry dePue has been among those helping Jack D. dePue with his new Quonset hut.

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