By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke


Maysel Miller recently underwent "repair treatment" with a very sharp knife. She thought that she would immediately return to work but instead she got to spend "quality time" at home. That old song about Attitude Adjustment comes to mind.

Two gents came to the Creston area to do an installation which required technological expertise. One woman noted that they were "dumb as a box of rocks" and another fellow noted that he thought one of them was "high on meth." One can understand why some can say, "There ain't no work available." Obviously for them there never will be but for those who can "pass the test" and who will work there has never been a time when more job opportunities were available.

BJ Hughes, one of the big oil field service companies has been advertising for men. They pay big money and have all sorts of bennies as well.

Chesapeake Appalachia which bought out Columbia Natural Resources brought in a crew of abstractors from another part of the nation to look up well locations in Roane County.

The Shimer reunion will be held Sunday, May 28 at the Creston Community Building. All family and friends are urged to bring a covered dish, some memories, pictures or whatever and attend.

The Creston Community Auction will be Saturday June 3, starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. Those who have items to donate, etc. should contact Jack, Alvin or Fred.

Alvin & Nancy Engelke were visiting Anna Engelke at Middletown Virginia. One of the first things that was obvious going down the road was that gasoline was 20 to 30 cents/gallon cheaper in the old Dominion. They filled up at Southern States for $2.59.9 to be exact.

While there they went to see the motion picture The di Vinci Code. Those who had read the novel noted that the movie, especially the ending, was significantly different. Some have said that the book and picture show were attacks on Christianity but only the na´ve should have any faith shaken.

A local resident was contacted by a power company representative who said, "Now that Congress passed the Energy Bill we can upgrade our service in areas where we had problems and you have some land we need for a sub-station." It seems mind boggling that the congress critters are the ones who can say if W. Va. residents can have good electric service or not given the congress critters own records. One of W. Va.'s own recently went from having assets of $600,000 to assets of $6 million including a $1.49 million "vacation home" in North Carolina. He is being investigated it is said.

The folks who are doing the 3-D seismic work for Chesapeake said that they aren't allowed to give out the results to the mineral owners whose property is being tested which is sorta like going through other folks bank accounts before entering into business transactions with them. This was exactly what happened when the Rockefellers came to W. Va. something over a century ago and became the super rich while W. Va. brought up the bottom of the wealth scale. However, some folks will be allowed to get copies of the results.

The price of local Penn grade crude oil fell to $64.25/bbl.

The Creston news writer recently came upon a copy of the 1904 Report of the Department of the Interior. Included in the tome is the report of The Columbia Institution for the Deaf & Dumb and topics of instruction are listed. Professor Ely of that school then taught a course "The Exhaustion of the World's Fuel Supply and its Relation to Civilization.

The FedEx man has been a regular on the Richardsonville Road recently.

Helen "Peggy" Cooper was undergoing tests in Parkersburg.

Miss Jean Hess was calling on Rev. S. E. Cooper, Jr. who is better, at least for now.

Paul Edward Graham was attending to business in Grantsville recently.

The USDA's multiflora rose is now in bloom. The Asiatic roses and autumn olive are examples, just like the Asiatic beetles, of government programs "that worked" The foreign bugs and exotic species have done well crowding out both native plants and insects as well as putting a financial hurt on area residents. The same outfit also turned lose European corn borers in the mid Ohio valley area "to see if they could control the pests."

Joe Echard said that he had retired from "Uncle Dupie" and now was spending time on his place. He has put out a garden and fenced it from the DNR's deer. He also planted new fruit trees.

Wastech, Inc., a South Carolina outfit recently purchased 44,000 acres of mineral rights in 24 West Virginia counties for $6 million. A company representative said most would be leased to Environmental Energy Services of Boise Idaho which was described as a major owner of Wastech.

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