By Alvin Engelke

The local area was spared the devastating flooding that hit southern West Virginia that has been plagued with strip mines and mountaintop removal which has filled in the streams and causes much faster runoff.

It was reported that there was an altercation involving some four wheeler riders in Creston Saturday night and that one did not survive. Details are hard to come by.

Nancy Hall finally found out what was causing her stomach distress and is now on the mend.

Gaynelle Pennington and family returned from a visit with family in northern Georgia. She reported having a good time.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Westfall, Alley Oop and Austin were among those calling on C. Glen and Glen E. Arthur and Kathi Taylor.

J. P. Fulmer was making inquiry about the excavations at the old Rose Hill church graveyard.

Appalachian Geophysical, acting on behalf of Cabot Corp. apparently, did a follow-up seismic test out in the Limestone Hill country. A spokesperson said they had a location and they were trying to firm things up. A recent report in The Parkersburg News indicated that there was now some three dimensional seismic work in order to pinpoint the best places to drill.

NISOURCE's subsidiary, Columbia Natural Resources, Inc. is now drilling a deep test near Gassaway. Last report was that they were in the Newberg which produces hydrogen sulphide and they had to go to mud to protect from the dangerous gas.

A Columbia spokesperson noted that, to date, they have drilled 15 wells in West Virginia that were as good as the discovery well that came in at 50 million cubic feet/day. While no wells have been drilled yet in Calhoun County, pipe line right-of-way is already being obtained. It was also pointed out that the Trenton/Black River formation ranges from the St. Lawrence River valley to Kentucky. A well placed source noted that Columbia has placed into production the deep well they drilled near the had of Shaver on the Vineyard property. Roane County school finance director David Kinison reported that one of the Roane deep wells is making $125,000/day but the landowner said that it was shut in by the company "for tests". It appears that the state tax department intends to give Columbia, which is part of the Rockefeller family business, a tax break on their deep wells.

A spokesman for Ardent Resources, Inc. said they are working out the details for their first well in Calhoun County. They also have some acreage in Roane County. Local residents have been unable to determine when Douglas is going to start their deep well on Deevers Fork in Wirt County.

Drilling on the Haynes well in Jackson County which is an offset to Exxon's very successful 70s era deep well is presently on hold as one of the crew that operates the blowout preventer was killed in an automobile wreck. Exxon produced the Beekmantown from this well. Gas presently is being flared from the Haynes well.

The fellow who last week said he was leasing for Enron now said he was acquiring leases for Columbia Gas.

Mika Scites and Mike Fought were married last Saturday at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

William Russ Cunningham, age 87 of Parkersburg, passed away after a long illness. He was a brother of Ray Cunningham of Burning Springs.

James Paul Lockhart, age 77, passed away in Abilene, Texas. A native of Ground Hog, he was the son of the late Elgie and Blanche Williams Lockhart.

While details as to his demise are still being kept secret, Steven Burner's grandfather, Otto Burner, built the cabin where the body was found. Otto was a friend of the late Roy King. Several local residents remember "Mountain Man" who was the father of the dead man.

Nancy, Jane and Anna Engelke, Mike Tedrick and Susan Myers motored to North Carolina for the week-end. They were visiting with Todd, Sarah, Michelle, Emily and Rebecca Rhodes and visited in Kenersville, NC as well. Everyone enjoyed Lake Hickory and water skiing. Saturday evening they dined at Simms Bar B Q, a fishing camp that serves wonderful food. They have old time music, clogging for entertainment plus ponds to fish in and games for the family such as horse-shoes. Susan visited with her brother, niece and nephew in Apex, NC. The group experienced vehicle problems on the way down, (Friday the 13th) and had to make an emergency trip to the Jeep dealer in Beckley. The problems persisted so Todd Rhodes was called upon to make more repairs.

J. P. and R. P. Marks are among the Boy Scouts who are camping this week at Camp Daniel Boone in North Carolina.

Josemite Sam Dawson and Cap'n Spock were among those calling on Mr. and Mrs. C. Romeo Griffin, Jr. and family.

While the 911 fiasco has been making headlines elsewhere the fuss also showed that some lawmen "weren't very busy" investigating and solving crimes. It would seem that there is a rush on to beat technology so the favoured who got fat contracts can get their loot for setting up complicated but unnecessary addressing systems. The postal system has already advised "their customers" of new addresses even though local county commissions have not seen the new plans. Postal customers are now defined as the big bulk mailers who are subsidized by postage on letters. One local postal fellow laughed about the big bonuses paid to the high brass as he noted he had to purchase his own rubber bands.

Jeannie Stutler fell and is now sporting some stitches.

Mary Reno, Alley Oop and Austin Westfall were among those calling on Anna Reno.

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