By Bob Weaver

The investigation regarding Grantsville police chief Ron Gordon has raised concern from Circuit Judge Thomas Evans III, who says the Circuit Court has administrative supervision and regulation of Home Incarceration Programs in each county, under which Gordon was employed in Calhoun.

The WV State Police have been investigating the Gordon matter for several months, but no charges were brought forth before a Calhoun grand jury, in session last week.

Gordon has been removed from his position as Chief of the Grantsville Police Department by Mayor Wilbert Kerby and has been suspended from county duties by Sheriff Carl Ballengee.

Calhoun prosecuting attorney Matt Minney has recused himself from the case, with an outside prosecutor being appointed.

Judge Evans has released letters he sent to the West Virginia State Police and Sheriff Ballengee regarding "allegations of sexual improprieties in the course of his (Gordon's) official duties."

In February, Judge Evans told Col. David L. Lemmon, Superintendent of the WV State Police, "The circumstances of Chief Gordon require my involvement in this. Chief Gordon serves as a Bailiff of the Circuit Court, but more importantly he is the Home Confinement Officer for Calhoun ... My duties as Chief Judge place upon me the administrative responsibility for all aspects of this program."

"Should it be credibly shown to me that probable cause exists to believe that Chief Gordon engaged in any sort of sexual relations with any one subject to his supervision, control or custody, then my duty would require that I suspend him ... pending resolution of the matter," Evans wrote to the State Police.

The judge said he wanted notified immediately if such credible evidence exists.

Evans then advised Sheriff Carl Ballengee on March 1st that officer Gordon must remain on administrative suspension as home confinement officer "until released to return to duties by the Chief Judge (Evans) of the Fifth Judicial Circuit."

Gordon's attorney, Dennis Curry of Spencer, said Gordon is unaware of the nature of an investigation lodged against him.

"Gordon has not been advised of any problems related to his performance, let alone allegations which are being made against him," said Curry, which he says is a violation of the WV Code.

"The rumors, innuendo and allegations leveled against Mr. Gordon have certainly sullied his reputation," said Curry, who was highly critical of the way the issue has been handled.

Meanwhile, investigations have been confirmed about other county and State Police officers, some reportedly being given lie detector tests.

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