Front (Left to Right) Rebecca McNish, Britni Whited,
Heather Starcher, Felicia Neal, Gary May, Michael Sullivan
Back (left to Right) Cindy Hart, Mandy May, Adrienne Brown,
Chad Conley, Kayla Wilson, Daniell Brown

Front (Left to Right) Hayli McKinstry, Erica Wriston,
Hannah Wilson, Elizabeth Duskey, Amie Carilli
Back (Left to Right) Caitlin Weaver, Christa Kight,
Paul Goodrich, Courtney McKown, Jessica Heiney

Calhoun High School's annual Art Show was open to the public in the commons area of the school this past week. The artwork is produced by students in art instructor, Jo Moellendick's classes.


3-D Sculptures - Victoria Templon, Adrienne Brown, Erica Wriston, Caitlin Weaver; Mask - Britni Whited, Brandon Cottrell, Erica Wriston, Chad Conley; Pencil Drawing - Daniel Brown and Adrienne Brown (Tie), Felicia Neal and Britni Whited (Tie), Adrienne Brown and Daniel Brown (Tie), Jenna Wade and Adrienne Brown (Tie); Photography - Britni Whited, Hannah Wilson, Felicia Neal, Cindy Hart; Oil Pastels - Courtney McKown, Hayli McKinstry , Mandy May, Whitley Church; Ceramics - Adrienne Brown, Christa Kight, Victoria Templon, Gary May; Easter Eggs - Michael Sullivan, Amie Carilli, Mandy May, Erica Wriston; Water Colors - Mandy May, Mandy May, Roxanne Renfrow, Elizabeth Duskey; Mosaics - Caitlin Waver, Trisha Siers, Christa Kight, Trisha Siers; Acrylics - Adrienne Brown, Mandy May, Adrienne Brown, Heather Starcher; 3-D forms Frank Gehry - Jessica Heiney, Chad Conley, Felicia Neal, Britni Whited; Style of Mona Lisa - Hayli McKinstry, Adrienne Brown, Rebecca McNish, Amie Carilli; Scratch Art - Chad Conley, John Dodd, Amie Carilli, Paul Goodrich

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