On March 6, 2006 the Arnoldsburg 4-H meeting was called to order by Amy Ashley. We started our meeting with the American pledge and the 4-H pledge led by Arla Lane.

We sang WV Boys and Girls and Grandpa's Whiskers. Those two songs were led by Sarah Postalwait Then we got down to business. Jordan Mace called roll by your favorite 4-H song out of the book. We also discussed the winners of the poster contest and decided if we were going to do the basket raffle.

Kelley told us to think about a theme for this year's 4-H camp. There is a contest going on to make up your own theme.

This month our project talks were by Ashley Houchin, Jordan Mace, Kenzie Laughlin, and Arla Lane. At the end of all the project talks, Hannah Wilson provided us with the life saver game. First, you are divided up into teams and you each get a toothpick. You stand side by side in a row and pass the life saver down the row without dropping it. Then, you have to pass it back up the row until you get to the first person or where you started. The first team to go down and up the row, wins. After that, Drew Metheney brought our refreshments. We have to wait until next time to have some more fun.


Our monthly meeting was called to order by Megan, on Monday 20th. Nathan Watkins and Megan Chriswell led the pledge to the USA flag.

Tyler Carpenter and Sarah Moore led the 4-H pledge. Roll call was called by our Favorite fruit.

Tammy Jett read the minutes since Jesse Cosgrove was sick. We will be selling chances on a Longaberger basket in April at the ramp dinner.

Next meeting will be changed from the third Monday to the 10th of April. After the meeting we had snack of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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