Submitted by Sue Cosgrove

Millstone Post Office is celebrating Spring and the planting season on Saturday, April 8. From 9:30 a.m. until noon, any customer purchasing a book or sheet of stamps or stamped envelopes representing gardening, spring or nature will receive a free plant!

Customers may choose from the gorgeous, newly-released "Crops of the Americas" 39 cent book ($7.80), "True Blue Love" (bluebirds) 39 cent book ($7.80), "Lunar New Year" 39 cent sheet ($4.68), "LOVE Bouquet" 37 cent book ($7.40), "Snowy Egret" 37 cent book ($7.40), "Common Buckeye" 24 cent postcard rate - sheet ($4.80) or book ($2.40). A purchase of ten (size #10 or #6 3/4) "Nurturing Love" envelopes depicting a gardener watering plants ($4.70) also earns a free plant.

The beautiful "Crops of the Americas" stamps are also available in a coil of 100 for $39. Customers can choose from an assortment of perennial and annual 4" potted plants. Supplies are limited and offer is good while supplies last only.

Millstone Post Office is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is located on Hwy. 33/119 near the intersection of Rt. 16 and 33 to Mt. Zion.

Readers may recognize (or be related to) some of the names on the list below which shows operators of Millstone Post Office beginning in 1897 through the present. This list is also posted in the Millstone Post Office Lobby.

Name - Title - Date Appointed

Lizzie L. Lynch Postmaster 06/23/1897

Henry C. Dillman Postmaster 10/25/1899

Worthington Poling Postmaster 07/10/1900

Lloyd Yoak Postmaster 02/23/1909

Worthington Poling Postmaster 07/01/1910

William T. Anderson Postmaster 10/20/1910

Homer R. Lynch Postmaster 03/29/1922

William T. Anderson Acting Postmaster 04/07/1923

William T. Anderson Postmaster 10/26/1923

Henry H. Lynch Acting Postmaster 12/31/1942

Henry H. Lynch Postmaster 11/08/1943

Mrs. Merle W. Lynch Acting Postmaster 04/08/1964

Mrs. Merle W. Lynch Postmaster 12/01/1964

Mrs. Etna E. Altizer Officer-In-Charge 10/15/1981

Mrs. Etna E. Altizer Postmaster 01/23/1982

Linda Hall Officer-In-Charge 09/01/1992

Timothy Romine Officer-In-Charge 01/14/1994

Sherry Butt Officer-In-Charge 05/11/1994

Pamela Bonnett Officer-In-Charge 06/20/1995

Karen M. Queen* Postmaster 10/28/1995

Geraldine M. Parsons Officer-In-Charge 12/29/1999

Paul E. Drennen** Postmaster 05/20/2000

Beverly D. Mullins Officer-In-Charge 10/17/2003

Beverly D. Mullins*** Postmaster 10/16/2004

Susan Cosgrove Officer-In-Charge 09/13/2005

* Currently at Normantown Post Office
** Currently at Chloe Post Office
*** Currently at Orma Post Office

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