The following information was taken from the minutes of the Grantsville Council meeting on July 2, 2001:

Mayor Don Harris did the swearing ceremony, placing newly elected Council members in their positions. The new members are JoAnn Shock, Jerry Collins, Marguerite Basnett, Jane Wease and Peggy Cain. Town Recorder Phyllis Mace and Mayor Harris were sworn prior to July 1. (SEE earlier Hur Herald picture)

Nick Woods gave a report on the water project, which had a total contract price of $2,379,233.00, explaining it is 99% complete. Remaining items include a guardrail and fencing on the access road. He explained other additional costs to the project which had to be adjusted, included $95,016.45 in change orders. He said the project came in under budget with some funds left over. He is preparing a letter to be given to the Mayor to spend the surplus for a computer, scanner and software.

Woods reported the contractor would be done on July 6, with a "walk-through" being done on July 9. He said he is preparing a report to agencies to help obtain grant money to install a 10" water line from river crossing to tank, plus an additional 300,000 gallon storage tank.

Councilwoman JoAnn Shock said she was contacted by Joe Freeman, a Grantsville resident, asking the town go 50-50 on the repair of a wall. Engineer Nick Woods was taken to the wall site by Police Chief McCroskey to examine the problem. Woods reported to Council the "wall was doomed for failure" due to the height of the wall in relationship to the weight behind it.

Council passed a motion to send Freemen a letter stating "the failure of the wall was not caused by any liability of the town."

Harris reported on the town pool and thanked the employees on their expert handling of a situation when mechanical failure caused the water to become contaminated. He said the pool was drained and back in operation within 48 hours.

A motion was passed to purchase a new high dive board for the town pool at a cost of $1700.

Harris advised Council he would like to advertise some surplus equipment the town owns and sell it. Councilman Collins made a motion to advertise the police building and the surplus equipment with a $2000 minimum bid on the building. The motion carried unanimously.

Woods presented a cost of $3,460.04 on a change order for installing a control valve on the Mt. Zion PSD line to prevent overflow. Council approved.

Phyllis Maze said the town had saved $5,361.55 in landfill fees during the past fiscal year by removing the dumpsters. Council made the decision to remove the dumpsters after some local residents failed to pay the fee.

Repair expenses and start-up costs escalated the town pool's expenses to $8,207.64, with receipts for 19 days in June given as $3,696.30.

Councilwoman Jane Wease inquired about replacing patrolman Warren Basnett. Police Chief Charles McCroskey said an ad had been placed in the local paper, but apparently there has been no response. Mayor Harris said he was considering "making some changes." The minutes also say he is seriously looking at trying to get some capital to replace the existing municipal building.

Wease also inquired about the aggressive nature of a Rottweiler dog in the town. Chief McCroskey said the owner had been ticketed and the animal was tied up. Councilwoman JoAnn Shock advised Council former Mayor Gary Knight had ordered two signs at a cost of $1000, and wanted to know, how we were going to pay for them. No action was taken regarding her inquiry.

Shock asked Council about placing a weight limit on the alley adjacent to the Citizen's phone company office, per an inquiry from Norma Knotts Shaffer. The alley is in extreme dis-repair. Mayor Harris replied that if the phone company was going to fix the street, "we could not deny them access to their building."

There was discussion about the creation of a Municipal Court. Mayor Harris said he would like to know more about where the schooling was being held, before making a decision to attend.

Councilman Jerry Collins made a motion, which passed unanimously, to have a work session on July 16 at 7 p.m. to update ordinances.

Chief McCroskey advised Council he needed about $200 to complete renovation of the old water plant space for an office. He invited members to see what work had been done by volunteer labor.

The Council concluded the meeting with the payment of bills.

A third person was appointed to sign checks, Councilwoman Marguerite Basnett. Grantsville resident Robert marks discussed the clean-up of riverbanks.

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