By Alvin Engelke

The Creston area received heavy rain early Sunday morning and the West Fork of the Little Kanawha is coming up fast although no substantial flooding is expected.

Steven O. Burner, age 39, who recently moved to a cabin down at the end of the dePue straight on W. Va. 5 was found dead under mysterious circumstances on July 2. The word around is that a drug deal went down wrong. His family requested that an autopsy be done but the reports were not made available locally although it was understood by local residents that, among other things, he had a fractured skull. Some are "taking bets" to see if there will be indictments and prosecutions.

Euell and Charles Russell, Maysel Miller and family, the banker lady and the oil baron were among those who motored to Spencer on Independence Day to see the fireworks. The banker lady noted that she had fixed some special meals for hubby, recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Wager and family, Mr. and Mrs. Justin Wager and family, Nancy Dinsmore and family and Ida Wager spent the last week in June at South Nag's Head for a week of fishing. They reported having a great time.

The 7th annual Starcher reunion will be held Saturday, July 14 at the Lubeck Civic Center at Lubeck, W. Va. All the Starchers, relatives, friends, in-laws and outlaws are invited. The gathering starts at 9 A. M. and lasts all day. For local details call Peggy at (304)-275-3270.

It was understood that the Great Pifu and the Canadian Fisherman are out on an excursion to "thin the carp" from northern Ontario lakes. Of course great sport fishermen always go for the 'high class fish'.

Anna Engelke and Keith Collins watched the fireworks at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and took in a free concert by the Pittsburgh Symphony. Felicia Winkler and Stephanie Tomlinson were calling on Anna, Keith and other local folks at Fairmont State College and visited Kennywood Amusement Park in Pittsburgh.

Those calling on Dorothy and Paul Edward Graham included Ruth Schrader and daughter Angie Kemp and her daughter Megan Kemp of Newark, Steve Graham's son Jason Graham who is in the U. S. Navy. Jason and two of his friends visited and spent the night fishing. Also calling on the Grahams were Sean Starcher and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lemon of Torch, Ohio and their son Tommy, Jr., wife and two sons. Tommy Jr. is in the U. S. Air Force.

S. R. Lynch was attending to business in Elizabeth.

Mr. and Mrs. Cooter Marks and sons, J. P., R. P. & A. C. and Kayla Copen have returned from their week with C. Romeo Griffin, Sr. in Florida. They also spent some time with Lois's sister Mary and family in Kissimmee. It was noted that W. Va. is preferable to tourists, as one can see more of Mother Nature and it is a lot more economical. They noted one cashier announcing, "Five-a ninety-a for-a de Copen-a-hagen-a". Debbie and J. B. Griffin looked after their critters whilst hey were down south.

It was learned that an outfit called Paragon was caught drilling holes and placing explosives in a state road in Roane County. The firm was secretly prospecting other people's minerals without permission. Over the past 30 years the state has spent millions repairing the damage the last bunch of blasting on state rights-of-way caused in the way of slips, slides and other problems. That time around the Rockefeller family and associates kept all the data that was gathered without permission.

Cap'n Spock was reported (although unconfirmed) to have recently been certified as a hay bailer mechanic. Details are scarce, and the Cap'n himself has refused to comment on the rumors. he was calling on Aunt Verda and Uncle Pete, Saturday afternoon.

The disturbed graves at the old Rose Hill cemetery near the Roane County line at the head of Beaver Dam continue to be a topic of hot discussion. Evidence in the way of casket hinges, cloth, etc. was gathered and is being examined by the authorities.

Rev. Robert Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs. M. E. church. It was learned that Linda Hall is now home and able to walk again.

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