Daniel Keith Bragg, 50, of Stumptown, to Phyllis Elaine Boston, 47, of Stumptown, by Rev. Harry Siers on 10/22/2005

Hubert Ray Bell, 39, of Grantsville, to April Dawn Naylor, 26, of Grantsville, by Rev. Carroll McCauley on 10/26/2005

Adam Bernard Vandale, 29, of Mt. Zion, to Donnie Lynn Martin, 21, of Mt. Zion, by Rev. Donzel Wease on 10/14/2005

Charles William Gibson, Jr. 22, of Grantsville to Amanda Lynn McCartney, 18, by Rev. Alfred Hickman on 10/15/2005

Edward Eugene Little, 39, of Mt. Zion to Lorrie Ann Mace, 37, of Arnoldsburg, by Rev. Carl Marks on 10/15/2005

Travis Lee Jarvis, 26, of Chloe, to Felicia Shere Clark, 20, of Chloe, by Rev. Darius Arnold on 10/08/2005

Mark Anthony Frederick, 23, of Big Springs to Britnay Janelle Jones, Big Springs, by Rev. R. Stanley, Jr. on 10/08/2005

Peter Cobbett, 58, of Five Forks to Lori Jean Cook, 36, of Grantsville by Rev. Mike Worf on 9/25/2005

Stephen Bennett Cason, 20, of Mt. Zion to Samantha Jo Parsons, 19, of Sandridge, by David Weaver on 9/17/2005.

Steven Cunningham, 46, of Grantsville to Carolyn Cunningham, 41, of Grantsville by Rev. Kevin Church on 9/13/2005

Dennis Goff, 24, Grantsville to Tiffany Marie Godfrey, 21, of Grantsville by Rev. Donzel Wease of 10/30/2005

Jeremy Scott Boggs, 26, Arnoldsburg to Cynthia Marie Siers, 32, Arnoldsburg by Rev. Loren Price on 11/12/2005

Christopher Earl O'Hara, 32, of Boulder, Colorado to Elizabeth Jane Morris, 32, of Boulder, Colorado by Rev. C. W. McDonald on 12/10/2005

Jerry Lee Knight, 39, of Grantsville to Cindy Norman, 37, of Orma, by Rev. Kevin Church on 12/18/2005

Patrick Dale English, 22, of Big Springs to Lindsey Ann Konarski, 20, of Big Springs, 20, by Rev. Jim McIntyre on 1/28/2006.

Bernard Marlin Wager, 54, of Big Springs to Virginia E. Wager, 46, of Big Springs by Rev. Paul Wilson on 2/12/2006

Victor Lee Carpenter, 39, of Grantsville to Tonya Marie Conrad, 31, of Grantsville by Rev. Carl Marks on 2/12/2006

Steven Ray Paxton, 34, of Arnoldsburg to Carolyn Sue Starcher, 48, of Arnoldsburg by Rev. John Meadows on 2/17/2006

Jeremy Joseph Falls, 27, of Arnoldsburg to Lisa M. Atkinson, 22, of Arnoldsburg by Rev. Glenville McBride on 2/26/2006

Jamie Allen Johnston, 48, of Big Bend to Deborah Lynn Greathouse, 50, of Big Bend by Rev. Jim McIntyre on 2/8/2006

David Hugh Nichols, Jr. 46, of Sand Ridge to Lesa Lynn Boutin, 44, of Sand Ridge by Larry Whited on 2/24/2006

Michael Joseph Roberts, 19, of Millstone to Tiffani Danielle Johnson, 23, of Grantsville by Rev. Mike Worf on 3/11/2006

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