The Calhoun Board of Education approved a request by the local library Monday evening to issue a call for continuance of a library levy previously passed by Calhoun voters.

Library board member Grace Richards said when the board places the initiative on the November ballot, it will require over 50% of the voters to pass the measure.

Irona Yeager, Lee Evans and Roger Propst addressed the Board regarding transportation costs that are being required to be paid by boosters and other extra-curricular groups. (See Herald story 3/21/06)

The board, during an executive session, evaluated superintendent Ron Blankenship using the new State required model adopted in 2004.

The evaluation included three sections: Section I consisted of the goals set by the Calhoun County Board and Superintendent; Section II is the state required component and Section III is an optional component. Each section has a rating of exceeds goal, meets goal, or does not meet goal.

The Board found that Blankenship met most of the goals and exceeded in others. In areas where did not meet the goal, suggestions were given for improvement.

Overall, the superintendent was given a good evaluation.

There was a discussion regarding the continued destruction of water fountains in the school, making them inoperable.

A citizen's appeal regarding the expulsion of a student was postponed until April 18.


- Maggie Bennett - March 23-24, 2006 - Yearbook Advisor's Tour; Charlotte, NC

- Mike Franek - April 6, 2006 - Logic Pro Tools; Cincinnati

- Transportation Request April 15-21, 2006 - Puerto Rico - Norma Myers

- Transportation request April 14-17, 2006 - Philadelphia - Ansel Payne

- Student Transfer Request - Mark Turner (8th grade) and Gregg Turner (8th grade) to Spencer Middle School

- Volunteer Agreement - Joshua Miller - Pleasant Hill School

- Facility Request - General Election, May 9, 2006 - Arnoldsburg, Pleasant Hill and Calhoun Middle/High School


Summer Job Postings Summer Reading Teachers (2 positions - half days) (Reading First) (K-3)
Summer Alternative Delivery Teachers - 1 Reading and 1 Reading and/or Math (PK-4)
Summer Elementary Teachers (5 positions - half days) (PK-4)
Summer Paraprofessional (dependent upon student need)
Art Camp Teacher - half days
Computer Camp Instructors - 2 positions - half days
Summer Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher (5-8)
Summer Mathematics/Science Teacher (5-8)
Summer Fine Arts/Media Teacher (5-8)
Summer Recreation Teacher (9-12)
Summer Credit Plato Recovery (PLATO) (9-12)
Summer Drivers Education Teacher (9-12)
Summer Tutors - with exact number to be determined by student enrollment
Summer Custodian
Summer Program Bus Drivers/Custodians - 4 positions (2 Heads Up - 2 Title I)
Summer Program Cooks (2 positions)
Band/Athletic Camp Cooks (2 positions)
Band/Athletic Camp Bus Drivers (2 positions)


Tammy Yoak - Mentor - Science/Biology Teacher - CMHS; Terry Jones - PDS Tutoring After-School; Betty Westfall - PDS Tutoring After-School; Kathryn Nichols - Summer Reading Teacher; Kristie Ritchie - Summer Reading Teacher; Charles Thomas - Summer Alternative Delivery Teacher; Kelli Whytsell - Summer Alternative Delivery Teacher; Lorri Cunningham - Summer Elementary Teacher; Jan Jarrell - Summer Elementary Teacher; Kathryn Nichols - Summer Elementary Teacher; Kristie Ritchie - Summer Elementary Teacher; Janice Westfall - Summer Elementary Teacher; Mildred Arnold - Summer Paraprofessional (dependent upon student need); Janice Westfall - Art Camp Teacher - half days; Carol Dye - Computer Camp Instructor; Betty Westfall - Summer Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher; Tim Davis - Summer Mathematics/Science Teacher (5-8); Leah Offutt - Summer Fine Arts/Media Teacher (5-8); Russell Ferrell - Summer Recreation Teacher (9-12); Gary Knight - Summer Credit Plato Recovery (PLATO) (9-12); Scottie Westfall II - Summer Drivers Education Teacher (9-12); Clyde Knotts - Summer Program Bus Driver/Custodian; Mitchell Morgan - Summer Program Bus Driver/Custodian; Calvin Nicholas - Summer Program Bus Driver/Custodian; Timothy Whipkey - Summer Program Bus Driver/Custodian; Marisha Collins - Summer Program Cook; Earlene Thomas - Summer Program Cook; JoAnn Heiney - Band/Athletic Camp Cook (2 weeks July 31-August 11); Earlene Thomas - Band/Athletic Camp Cook (1 week August 7-11); Charles Heiney - Band/Athletic Camp Bus Driver; Timothy Whipkey - Band/Athletic Camp Bus Driver; Robert Delaney - Substitute Bus Driver; Richard Metheney - Substitute Bus Driver; Matthew Taylor - Substitute Bus Driver


Invoices - $366,412.49; Supplements - $78,500.00; Transfers - $248,833.97; Monthly Financial Report - February 2006; Contract - Sandra Bugby - Annual School Audits; Schedule of 2006 Proposed Levy Rates; West Virginia University Extension Budget $2,000 contribution

Board members present, Cynthia Dale, Richard Fitzwater, Carlene Frederick, Donald Harris and Joy Starcher, in addition to Ron Blankenship, Secretary.

The next (special) meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 10 beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Arnoldsburg School.

Others Present: Juanita Berdine, Amy Cooper, Phyllis Evans, Lee Evans, Sandra Funk, Jeff Himes, Seana Miller, Michael Offutt. Donnie Pitts, Roger Propst, Grace Richards, Connie Roberts Lisa Dawn Walker, Bob Weaver, Mike Wilson, Jessie Wilson and Irona Yeager

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