By Dianne Weaver

It has been a nerve-racking week in Sunny Cal with at least eight different accidents in our small community, involving at least thirteen people. All of the events could have proved fatal, but all have survived, including Ryan "Goob" Fitzwater, 15-year-old son of Rick and Melinda Fitzwater of Hur.

Goob was critically injured last Monday when a farm tractor overturned, crushing him. His dad and brother Michael managed to lift the implement and place him in the bucket of another tractor and bring him to the road, where they met EMS. Melinda was amazing in maintaining her composure and keeping Goob alert. Undoubtedly Rick, Melinda and Michael are heroes.

I'm sure the Fitzwater's will have more to say about this, but it is a fact the quick response of emergency services, with EMS personnel delivering trauma care on-the-spot, saved his life, plus the life-flight of the youth to Charleston General Hospital. This extension of emergency medical care is a development in recent years that has enabled many life-saving miracles.

Goob sat up Friday for a spell and according to Grandma Faye Fitzwater, wanted a Pepsi. "The nurse offered a Coke, but "Goob" insisted on a Pepsi," she said. He's getting a little feisty, which is a wonderful thing. He also had bacon and eggs yesterday and wanted to move into "a real bed." He is off the ventilator and is expected to be moved out of ICU shortly.

Goob is going to make it, though it will be a long road towards returning to his active normal life. We are indeed grateful for his recovery.

The Hur Herald has received more calls, inquiries and e-mails about Goob, than any single event since it has been on-line. Yesterday, while Bob was attending various alumni and community events, he was asked dozens of times "How is Goob doing?"

It is apparent in our small community that life is held precious and the thousands of readers of The Herald around the country have lifted many prayers for Goob and his family.

And to all those folk who escaped with lesser injuries, we also remember you and will be reminded of the precious nature of life

Hur Herald from Sunny Cal
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