By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke


The Creston auction will be held Saturday, March 4 starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. There should be all sorts of good things to eat and purchase including double yolk eggs.

Helen Nutter, Charles Russell, Bessie Arthur, Suellen Butcher, Rick, Rebecca and Hope Starcher, Jerry Campbell, Vera White, Ellen Hedge, Fred & Betty Bish, Rodney Lynch & Alvin Engelke were among those who installed a number of the new windows in the Community Building. The workers also feasted on all sorts of goodies and deserts, recipies from the Creston Community Cook Book and local favorites, including but not limited to Blanche Tucker's beans, Ellen Hedge's noodles and Bessie Arthur's fudge. Spark Arthur sharpened some of the tools which made things easier. Cap'n Eddie Norman, who is recovering from vascular surgery, and Gloria came over to check on the work. Cap'n Eddie looks good and is on the mend.

Rev. Juanita Lockhart filled her regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church. The Hurst family, Janet Jett and Peggy Tenbarge provided special music. Rev. & Mrs. Carroll McCauley will be at the church at 6 P. M. on March 6 for the "Listening Program" that the church wants so they can understand what is important to those who go to church.

The regular March business meeting of the Creston Community Building will be at 7 P. M. on Tuesday March 7 at the building. Plans will be firmed up for the upcoming April 15 ATV poker run. All willing workers are welcome.

Nancy Engelke attended a Longaberger basket party for the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. The party was hosted by Miss West Virginia. U. S. A. Jessica Wedge who will soon be competing for Miss USA in Baltimore Maryland on April 21. A large contingent of Wirt, Wood and Jackson County folks are planning to attend.

Cosmo and Phu Phu spent the weekend in Creston since Jane Engelke went to the "rasseling" tournament in Huntington with her husband Wilbur Schenerlein III, the wrestling coach for Parkersburg High School.

Sgt. Thomas Fluharty, USA, retired, was attending to business at the DOH road garage out on the Mt. Zion ridge.

A number of local residents attended the John Raese reception at McCoys in Ripley. Raese noted that in a school system the teachers should be the ones who are paid most as the real idea in real school systems is for the scholars to learn. He also noted that federal guidelines did not allow early entrance to either the Sago or Logan County mines to save the miners who were trapped. In the Logan County case the local fire department has the best mine rescue unit anywhere but not even they were allowed to help - federal bureaucrats are not to have their rules changed just to save a few lives. John Raese is a candidate for United States Senator. Folks need to go and see the candidates to learn what they stand for so intelligent voting decisions can be made.

Five Wirt County residents were down at the Mouth of the Elk to hear Karl Rove speak on issues facing our nation. Among other things he pointed out that when one is at war with Al-Qaeda and other international terrorist groups, one should keep track of telephone calls to their agents who are hiding in this country just waiting to blow us all to kingdom come. He also quoted some of the goofier gaffs (or were they serious statements?) uttered by Dr. Dean, Teddy, John F. Kerry, Hillary, et al.

Jim Matheny was attending to business in Creston. It was noted that he was not measuring people for boxes.

The price of local crude rose $2.50/bbl on Saturday to $59 reflecting the uncertainty caused when the Mohammedan terrorists tried to blow up an oil facility in Arabia, a Mohammedan country. Butch Deer's crew has been hauling oil locally.

Last week it was noted that an oilfield truck was stolen from Sterling (Prime) at their yard on Leatherbark in Calhoun County. It was then reported that the truck (or at least part of it) was found on Murder Mountain near Ovapa in Clay County.

Denny Harton, president of Gas Search Corp. indicated that about $1 billion will be spent during 2006 in the West Virginia oil and gas fields. Drilling and pipe lining is at a frenzied pace in many sections although in certain large areas there is no pipeline capacity (or so it is reported). Harton is also concerned about the W. Va. tax environment, especially the Workmen's Compensation surcharge to make up the shortfall for the Caperton family coal ventures who elected not to pay what they owed.

Anna Engelke attended a conference in Buffalo New York.

Wayne Wager has been running his sawmill.

Warm weather came again and crocuses were blooming in nearby counties. Then it turned cold again.

James A. "Stymie" Plummer who now lives in Barlow came to move the truck he had wrecked from the Joe Ferrell residence on Umstead Ridge. He put in the key and when he turned the switch there was absolutely nothing. He soon realized that someone had "borrowed" his battery. He then noted that the new shocks that he had behind the seat to install had been taken too. On round two "Stymie" was able to legally borrow a battery to move his truck down to his mother's house so it could either be fixed or sold.

It was reported that Juanita Moody suffered a stroke.

Tim Lynch is driving a fine set of new wheels. One might call him "A Pickup Man".

Several military flights have been spotted locally. The folks down at Yeager airport train by flying low over the hills here.

Old Lizard and "Stymie" Plummer were calling on Dorine Parsons.

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