Submitted by Calhoun-WVU Extension Service

Arnoldsburg Eagles

On our wonderful new year, on January 2, 2006, the Arnoldsburg Eagles 4-H Club meeting was called to order by Amy Ashley. We started out with Drew Metheney starting our pledge of Allegiance and our 4-H Pledge. We then went to our songs led by Sarah Postalwait. We always start out with the song "West Virginia Boys an Girls", so that was our opening song. Then we sang "Desperado." Drew Metheney read us a poem called "Making Life Worth While." Roll was called by Jordan Mace. She called it by our favorite thing for Christmas. Our old business was a visit to Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center. Our new business is a 4-H Ski Trip and a poster contest. For recreation, by Hannah Wilson, we played bring me. It was fun having our first meeting on a new year.

Grantsville Guppies

On January 12, 2006, the Grantsville Guppies meeting was called to order by Danielle Kendall. Roll was called to order by answering pickles. We discussed having a poster workshop on January 16, 2006 beginning at noon. Valarie Barr and Rebbicca Newlon led our songs. Pledges were led by Kenadee Taylor. Posters are due at the Extension Office February 20, 2006. We ended the meeting with refreshments from Kenadee Taylor served to Rebbicca Newlon, Valarie Barr, Stephanie Roberts, Sandy McCumbers, Darla Taylor, and Clara Husk. On January 16, 2006, we held a posters workshop on conservation, health and 4-H. We all made a trip to the Koffee Kup, where we were served lunch and a delightful dessert.

Mt. Zion Cardinals

On Thursday January 12 the Mt. Zion Cardinals met at the Mt. Zion United Methodist Church at 6:30.  Catlin Weaver called the meeting to order.  Fund raising ideas where given some ideas where to sell candles and a Super Bowl basket.  Tickets for the Super Bowl Basket will be sold up to February 2nd and the drawing will be held on February 3rd.  Tickets are 6 for $5 or 1 for a dollar.  Samantha Wilson gave a health report on motion sickness.  Followed by Anna Sampson giving her project reports on Computers and Cat's 3.  Lori Wilson also gave beauty tips.  The next meeting will be held February 9, 2006 at the Mt. Zion United Methodist Church at 6:30p.m come and join us. 

Teen Leaders

During lunch on Wed. January 4th at Calhoun High School the teen leaders held their monthly meeting where further planning for the Teen Leaders Beach trip was discussed, a vote was held to go to the Outer Banks, NC.  We will tour Hatteras Lighthouse, go over to Ocracoke Island and other tourist attractions.  Fund raising ideas were also completed. We will be having a basket bingo April 1st at the Calhoun County High School.  This concluded the meeting.

Pleasant Hill Clover-buds

Pleasant Hill Clover-buds met on January 10th at 3:30. There were 25 members present. We started the meeting out by calling roll.  Some of the kids know the 4-H pledge. So far I have had two project books turned in. Don't forget there due in May.  At the meeting we made bookmarks. The kids were divided up into groups and they worked together on them.  After they got their bookmarks done there were prizes for them.  For snack we had pop and chips.  The kids really enjoyed their snack. ONLY ONE MESS! The next month's meeting will be February 14 at 3:30. When it warms up we are going to go roller skating at Spencer. I would like to thank Clara Husk for helping me and Jan Whited for letting me use her room.

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