By Alvin Engelke

The Creston area received a heavy rain Sunday evening. One local resident reported that his gauge measured 3 inches.

R. K. Lynch fell and hit a clothes hanger hook (the old fashioned kind mounted on the wall). It took several stitches to sew up the gash situate at the scalp line.

S. R. Lynch was undergoing tests again recently but seems to be doing fine.

Rev. Robert Stanley announced that there will be communion at the service Sunday, July 8 at Burning Springs. Church starts at 9:30 P. M.

Rev. S. E. Cooper, Jr. is a patient in the hospital apparently suffering from pneumonia.

C. Glen Arthur is home after a surgical visit in the hospital. He is much improved.

Charles and Euell Russell were among the local residents who attended the ice cream social in Elizabeth that was sponsored by the fire department. Local residents consulted with Sen. Donna Boley who, via the budget digest, came up with the funds to keep Wirt County solvent for another year.

Dixie, the K-9 Quarterback had a professional consultation with her physician, Dr. Dan Cain at Brooksville. Also visiting there was Don Rhodes' pooch that was hit by a car.

Jane Engelke won a Venus swim wear preliminary competition at Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She returns July 14 for the state competition.

Mr. and Mrs. Cooter Marks and sons J. P., R. P. and A. C. and cousin Kayla Copen are vacationing in Titusville, Florida this week. They will be staying with C. Romeo Griffin, Sr., Pretty Little Red Flower and Benji and will also be calling on Mr. and Mrs. Steve Newton and sons Greg and Michael who now live just outside Disneyland.

Area farmers are advised that the state mandated farm use reports are now due in the County Assessor's office. If the reports are not filed each year the farmland becomes, for tax purposes, speculative property held for condo sites, strip malls and other high tax locations.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Griffin were calling on Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bush.

It was learned that Jack McClure retired from Columbia Natural Resources at the end of the month It was not certain if he joined many of his former co-workers at Triana.

Deep drilling news is slow although Enron, one of the major energy players on the world scene, is now looking for acreage in the area. It was said Cornerstone was fronting for them. One of Enron's top men was killed in Croatia when a Clinton official was killed in a plane wreck before he was scheduled to "sing".

Previously secret documents about the "energy shortage" in California are now leaking out as a result of suits, etc. It seems that the actual picture varies significantly from what Gov. Grayout Davis had pronounced. Allegheny Power is involved so, one might say, the entire country has become enmeshed in their shenanigans out on the Left Coast.

It was learned that Carl Ray actually fell out of his chair whilst at work. Certainly there is much more to this story and likely Joe, Nelly, Becky and The Great Pifu will tell the details.

Jack Conley, the new maintenance engineer, was checking on progress at the oil and gas historical park at Burning Springs and consulting with David McKain.

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