On December 5, 2005 the Arnoldsburg Eagles 4-H meeting was called to order by Amy Ashley at Arnoldsburg Park. Arla Lane led the pledges. Sarah Postalwait and Drew Metheney led the songs which were: The Bed Bugs and Roaches, and West Virginia Boys and Girls.

Amy Ashley read a poem called Understanding, and Jordan Mace called role by what you want for Christmas. The Arnoldsburg Eagles then discussed the Up-All-Night and Christmas caroling at Minnie Hamilton for the residents. We then broke up into groups to make Christmas ornaments for the residents at Minnie Hamilton after Christmas caroling.

We then ended with refreshments provided by Stephanie Hall and then exchanged gifts with one another for early Christmas presents. We went home with are gifts from our 4-H friends.

GRANTSVILLE GUPPIES - By Stephanie Roberts

The Grantsville Guppies 4-H held their regular meeting on Thursday, December 15. The meeting was called to order by Danielle Kendall. All those present recited the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H pledge.

The club held an auction where members bought presents. This was one of our first fundraisers.

We played a game called Reindeer and a tongue twister game. Refreshments were served to Stephanie Roberts, Valerie Barr, Kenadee Taylor, Sandy McCumbers, Danielle Kendall, Nancy Bremar, and Special guest, Jeff Himes, Extension Agent.

MT. ZION CARDINALS - By Maria Kisner

On December 8, 2005 the Mt. Zion Cardinals met at the Mt. Zion Methodist Church. We then discussed some fund raising plans, and continued our plans to go to Grand Prix in Charleston. Then Heather Weaver and Kevin Cunningham gave talks on the colleges they attended.

The Mt. Zion Cardinals girls have been busy with the Snowflake Pageant this Christmas. Elizabeth Duskey, Maria Kisner, Caitlin Weaver, and Samantha Wilson all won awards.

TEEN LEADERS - By Maria Kisner

On December 7, 2005 the Teen leaders met at the Calhoun County High School. Some things they discussed were to wrap presents for the Angel Tree at CRI, and they finished planning for the road trip they plan to take to the beach and fund raising for this event. On Dec. 11 the teen leaders met at the CRI and wrapped the presents for the Angels.


On December 19, 2005 the West Fork Mountaineers 4-H club held their monthly meeting. The role was called to order by Megan Chriswell, our president. At our meeting we had a special guest, John Apgar, one of the state's DNR officers, and he talked about the hunter education class, how to handle a firearm, and how old you have to be to get your hunter's license.

Kenny Chriswell and Ashley Conley led the pledge of allegiance. Ryan Ellison and Jessie Wood led the 4-H pledge. Then the roll was called to order by favorite healthy food. We decided to go to the nursing home to sing Christmas carols, we debated on planting trees for the park, and we also changed out next meeting to the 23rd of January 2006 because of the 4-H Ski Trip.

Eleven 4-H members and 5 parent volunteers went caroling December 20, 2005 at Laurel Nursing home. The singers were Brittany Potter, Jessi Wood, Sarah Husk, Brandon Carpenter, Tyler Carpenter, Clayton Carpenter, Meghan Chriswell, Kenny Chriswell, Angel Samples, Kody Scholtz, and Jake Jett. The parent volunteers were Tammy Jett, Kelli Zwoll, Karen Jacobs, and Patty and Commodore Little.

Also we will be selling snacks at the Hunter's Safety class Feb. 6, 7, 8, taught by John Apgar. If you are interested in taking the hunter education class on February 6, 7, and 8 watch for further info. You have to be able to attend all three classes to get your hunter safety card. They are from 6-9 each night.

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