A partial list of Governor Manchin's 2006 legislative proposals:

- Would change the amount of money allocated for regional educational service agencies from 0.63 percent of the allocation for professional educators to an amount appropriated by the Legislature. Introduced Jan. 12.

- Would increase the amount of money allowed in the state "rainy day fund" from 5 percent of the state general revenue budget to 10 percent. Requires at least 50 percent of any surplus revenue to be put into the fund until it reaches full funding and then at least 25 percent of any surplus after that. Introduced Jan. 12.

- Preventive Care Clinic-Based Pilot Program. Authorizes the Health Care Authority and Insurance Commissioner to establish a pilot program to provide basic health care services for a monthly fee through select clinics and physician offices.

- Affordable Health Insurance Act. Grants the insurance commissioner the flexibility to allow insurers to offer limited health insurance plans focusing on preventive and primary care services.

- West Virginia Health Information Network bill. Establishes a public-private network to oversee the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of an electronic health care record-keeping system.

- Sex offender bill. Establishes the new offenses of aggravated sexual assault for when a person over 18 has sex with a child under 11 and aggravated sexual abuse for people over 18 who molest children under 11. Makes it a misdemeanor for someone to knowingly help a sex offender elude police. Establishes State Police Central Abuse Registry and clarifies that sex offenders must verify their registration information at least once a year. It will require school boards to check to see if substitute teachers, service personnel and contractors are listed on the registry before allowing them in schools.

- Parole Board bill. Increases the size of the parole board from three to nine members and calls for them to work in three-member panels.

- Purchasing bill. Makes several changes in purchasing laws, including raising the minimum amount requiring bids from $10,000 to $25,000 and allows sole source and best value procurement.

- Community Corrections Act. Requires the community correction fund to be increased by raising a fee for probationers from $30 to $35 a month and another fee for people convicted in a court from $3 to $10. Courts will collect and forward the fees to the community corrections fund in the state Treasurer's Office.

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