TEEN LEADERS - By Kelley Houchin

The 4-H Teen Leaders held their first meeting of the new 4-H year on October 5th during lunch at Calhoun Middle-High School. Officers elected for the year were, Katie Walker - President; Courtney McKown - Vice President; Michael Sullivan - Secretary; and Matt Houchin - Treasurer.

The teen leaders were given the responsibility of providing games for the 4-H County-wide Halloween Party and spent the remainder of the meeting working on ideas and plans. Teen leaders attending the Halloween party to direct and lead the games were, Matt Houchin, Anna Sampson, Maria Kisner, Elizabeth Duskey, JJ Bremar and John Dodd. 4-Hers attending the Halloween Party enjoyed such activities as Chubby Bunny, Limbo, Cookie on a String, Simon Says, Bubble Gum Relay, Mummy Wrap, Jack-O-Lantern decorating, and the crowd favorite, Bobbing for Apples.


The Arnoldsburg Eagles met on October 10, 2005 for their first meeting of the new 4-H year. Officers elected for the new club year were, President-Amy Ashley, Vice President-Drew Metheny, Secretary-Jordan Mace, Treasurer-Ashley Houchin, Song Leader-Sarah Postalwait, Game Leader-Hannah Wilson, Reporter-Amber Wilford.

The club voted to hold its annual Walk-a-thon to raise money for 4-H camp scholarships on Sunday, October 23 at the Arnoldsburg Park.

GRANTSVILLE GUPPIES - By Stephanie Roberts

On October 6 we had the second meeting of the Grantsville Guppies. We met in the Little Courtroom of the Calhoun County Courthouse. We elected officers, President-JJ Bremar, Secretary-Danielle Kendall and Reporter-Stephanie Roberts. Those attending the meeting were JJ Bremar, Lindsey Webb, Danielle Kendall and Stephanie Roberts.

Our leader is Sandy McCumbers and assistant leader is Nancy Bremar. We had a special guest Jeff Himes, Extension Agent for Calhoun County.

        We talked about selling frozen foods and T-shirts to help raise money for our club. We are having our annual achievement dinner, which will be held November 10, 2005 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Calhoun County Middle-High School. Members were reminded to bring a covered dish.

4-H is a fun activity to be involved in and the Guppies would like to invite anyone in the 3rd through 12th grade to join our fun club. We would like to see more of the kids in our community join.

If you would like to have information on how to join, you can call the Extension Office at 354-6332 and they will be more than happy to share information about our club.


The West Fork Mountaineers held their first meeting on October 17.

We elected new officers, Meghan Chriswell, President; Brittaney Potter, Vice President; Jessi Cosgrove, Secretary; Kenny Chriswell, Treasurer; Nathan Watkins, Game Leader; Dana Thomas, Song Leader; Jeremy Watkins, Health Officer; and Ryan Ellison, Reporter.

We have a new assistant leader Kelli Zwoll. We would like to welcome her to the club. If anyone would like to purchase apple butter to help support us to go to camp this summer, contact Tammy Jett at 655-7563 or any other 4-H member.


The Pleasant Hill Cloverbuds had 23 out of 31 members present. At the meeting, we started out with the 4-H pledge. Then we divided into three groups and made Halloween Play-dough. The students really enjoyed doing that. Of course, the group that finished last was Jacob's group, because they messed up with the mixture.

After we made play-dough, the students got to take some home with them. We had homemade cup cakes that Jan and Brandi Whited made and chips and juice for snack. We went outside to eat our snacks. That will probably be the last time we will be able to go outside in the nice weather. We had prizes for drawings too. Each member got a prize.

The Cloverbuds will be selling sausage, biscuits and gravy and hot dogs at the Hometown Country Christmas Craft show at the Courthouse on December 1st and 2nd from 9 a.m. to 4.p.m. Parents please be thinking about something to bring for the sale. I will send letters home at the next meeting with items that will be needed. I would like to say thanks to my assistant leaders, Jan Whited and Clara Husk for helping me.

MT. ZION CARDINALS - By Maria Kisner

On October 14th the Mt. Zion Cardinals met at the Mt. Zion Community Park, where they elected club officers, President, Caitilin Weaver; Vice President, Steven Cunningham; Secretary, Anna Sampson; Treasurer, Elizabeth Duskey; Reporter, Maria Kisner; Song Leader, Samantha Wilson; and Game Leader, Zac Stump.

The club plans to go to Grand Prix in South Charleston sometime this year.

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