By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke


The unseasonable weather continues. Most are happy with the weather although several have noted that they hope it cools down during deer season so that flies will not blow the harvested meat. Folks have been out and about checking on trophy racks and such. Also it is not too often that lawns need to be mowed in November.

With the annual madness called deer season just around the corner folks have been stocking up on ammo, jar lids and no trespassing signs.

Donna & Carl Ferrell were visiting at Low Gap, West Virginia, and while there dined on some "better than sex" cake.

The FunChester group celebrated Anna Engelke & Dena Hallow's birthdays at the Poka Dot Pot. There one paints pots (bisque) and then they are fired and one gets them back in a week. They also tried out Keith Collins's new barbecue grill.

A number of area residents attended the state Farm Bureau convention at Flat Woods. Local residents were cautioned to be careful as Canterbury's Cross Bar Hotel is almost in sight from where the meeting was held.

The group's top priority is getting legislation passed in W. Va. that will nullify the Kelo decision which allows governmental agencies to take land from "un-influential folks" and give it to their friends who promise "more tax dollars". The minister noted that much scripture is based on an understanding of agriculture and that the current "chic" ignorance of all things agricultural by some will reap bad things for many.

W. Va. Sec. of State Betty Ireland spoke to the group about the changes in election law. She will send folks out to demonstrate how the new voting machines work.

Euell Russell was consulting his physician.

The price of local Penn grade crude oil fell to $53.75/bbl over the weekend and gasoline prices continue to go down. At the same time some of the politicos in Washington continue to make a lot of noise over the price of gas and oil. Some have stated that some of the congress critters overdid themselves at a big bean, onion and cooked cabbage dinner.

The spread of the worldwide terror war has several local folks concerned while others seem to live with the attitude that denial is just a river in Egypt. First there were the attacks on the cruise ship ("by pirates using military weapons") Way back when America cleaned up the Barbary Pirates, sunk their ships, razed the cities, etc. They operated from bases in North Africa back then and the Europeans were afraid to "offend them". Then the Australians rounded up 15 would be terrorists and then the French who had been trying to appease the savages for several years have had a full-scale national attack ("by poor youth"). This was followed by homicide bombers at a wedding party in Jordan (a Mohammedan country).

Some local residents wondered why there have been lots of articles in the local newspapers concerning lice recently. For decades the problem was almost non-existent but now it is apparently not politically correct for public health folks to go out and require infected families (who keep 'em) to get rid of them.

It was learned that the legislators were called for another "emergency session" down at the Mouth of the Elk River. It would appear that the session has to do with Brick Street the so called private company comprised of folks from the Workmen's Compensation office who are going to take over workmen's compensation insurance (tax). They have sent out nasty letters indicating that they will give no quarter, unless of course your last name is Caperton, Massey, etc. Then of course you will be exempt because, as Leona Helmsley said, "Only little people pay taxes." Ordinary people will have to pay premiums (taxes) six months in advance.

The Wirt County Farm Bureau will meet Tuesday, November 22 at 7 P. M. at the road garage in Elizabeth. While not on the agenda there will, no doubt, be tales of daring do during deer season

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