By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke


The big Creston fall ATV poker run will be Saturday, October 22 starting at 9 A.M. at the Creston Community Building. All four-wheeler enthusiasts are invited to come and have a day of family fun, viewing leaves, game, scenery, etc. The local area has been enjoying balmy fall weather and the trees have yet to reach their peak locally.

Marjorie Webster is now recovering from her broken leg at home.

Charles & Euell Russell were among those who attended the FFA beef barbecue at the high school in Elizabeth. As usual, some of the best beef around, along with fixins, was served to hungry residents.

Dorine Parsons, one of the area's better-known cooks fixed up a whistle pig for Sunday dinner at her house. Mr. & Mrs. J. A. "Stymie" Plummer and family were among those calling on Dorine.

It was reported that Connie Boggs will be the new carrier on the HC 70 mail route. Part of it was formerly called the Cremo Star Route and of course it also serves customers all the way down Route 5 to the mouth of Chestnut Run.

The Funchester Group attended the balloon and wine tasting festival at the Longbranch Plantation in the Old Dominion.

Some local folks attended the Wirt County Commission meeting when the folks from the regional jail authority showed up. It was almost generally agreed that Canterbury the former boss had done a "bait & switch" deal on Wirt County and was now, without warning, dropping off prisoners with no deputies on hand to guard them. Mr. King, the jail's present mouthpiece would be a fine farm hand as fertile stuff runs out of his ears. One could take him over the fields and they would then grow lush grass, clover and even alfalfa. He had a lawyer along with him and he reminded one of the character in the Snuffy Smith cartoon who had gone off to the flatlands and learned how (or so he thought) to be a city slicker. The cartoon character was always slipping around trying to pull a big city style con on his former neighbors.

A number of area residents attended the Black Walnut Festival in Spencer.

One local oil operator reported that he had locked in his natural gas at $11/dekatherm for a two year contract and then the next day another fellow said he had been able to negotiate something over $12. A few days later another company's employee reported that they had locked in at $14.50. With all this happening only a few folks have been busy getting in firewood.

The price of name brand gasoline fell to $2.60 in Parkersburg last week while the price for local Penn grade crude was $59/bbl.

Jody Goff, R. N. was calling on Charles & Euell Russell.

Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Gay Wright and some of the rest of the family spent some time at their place below Creston.

H. W. Greathouse reported that he was having lawn mower problems.

Some would be gasoline thieves removed all the fuel from a tractor in the Annamoriah section only to discover that it was diesel fuel. They were not happy thieves and it is likely they will be much unhappier when the tractor owner gets his hands on them.

Rev. & Mrs. S. E. Cooper, Jr. were attending to business in Elizabeth.

Richard McFall is visiting in the area.

Rev. Paul Williams filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

It was reported that Burt Marks has been on the sick list.

Robert "Bumper Lollipop" & (the comely young lass) Aleacia Sturms report that two of their five young'uns have celebrated birthdays recently. Joey is two and Keeley is one; happy birthday to both of 'em from the Creston News "staff". Aleacia fondly remembers her first (& quite possibly her last) three-wheeler ATV ride several years ago with the well-known professional ATV acrobat (now her cousin by marriage) Cap'n Drip, as pilot in command. After a goodly amount of coaxing, coercion, etc. the duo left the driveway down the Joker Hur road full throttle on the two rear wheels inducing an adrenaline rush not unlike that experienced on one's first roller coaster ride. The return to the driveway was also on two wheels, either of the rears and the front.

Batman & Cap'n Spock were among those dining at the fine cuisine at Ryan's in Pettyville. It is often noted in certain circles that their favorite store, Tractor Supply Company, is located there as well.

It was reported that thieves broke into a cabin on the Richardsonville road recently. They may be in for a big surprise.

While the woods is full of mast there are very few bushy tails locally. The acorns will keep the turkeys and deer fat so that the coyotes will have fat meat to eat when they cannot catch calves, cats, lambs, small dogs, etc. DNR claims they didn't turn them loose but then they said the same about the bear, mountain lions, rattle snakes, wild boar and goodness knows what else.

Not so long back C. Romeo Griffin Jr. caught a whopper catfish.

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