By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke


Rev. Paul Williams filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

Patty O'Dell of Parkersburg was visiting Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell and family. She works at Wally World in Vienna.

Donald Rhodes was taken to the emergency room the other day because the D-con he was taking for a blood thinner was working too well. The next day or so his nephew Chuck got a bad cut on his foot whilst mowing his lawn.

Mr. & Mrs. Hie L. Herron were visiting family up in Ohio to help celebrate some of the grandchildren's birthdays.

A number of local residents were out on W. Va. Route 5 until the wee hours on their four wheelers. It was understood that some of them might have made the machine light up, go clang, clang, clang, etc.

The Little Kanawha Shrine Club's ATV poker run was a big success. They had a real nice route.

Geneva "Hoppy" Starcher reported she kept up with local happenings by faithfully reading the Creston News. She is presently living in Boone County and working at the post office in Charleston.

A number of Wirt and Calhoun residents attended the Folk Festival in Glenville. The Saturday evening concert was one of the best in years. As usual the live music sessions on the streets and in the parking lots were great and many old friends were on hand to visit. The Friday night MC was booed for making snide remarks about President Bush and the War Against Terror. Maybe that fellow would like to live in Lower Slobbovia, Iran, Communist China or Cuba.

Speaking of the War on Terror it is amazing the number of politicians and their friends in the old media who seem to have forgotten that there are groups of people who want us all dead and then they make a big scene because there is no air conditioning in a prison for terrorists. The communist's "Hanoi Hilton" never had air conditioning and the soldiers out fighting the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world don't, for the most part, even have running water. Some lily livered federal judge even said that feeding the prisoners MREs (what our soldiers eat) would be cruel and unusual punishment. In earlier days such people would be considered to have been giving aid and comfort to our enemies and would have been dealt with as traitors.

On the political scene closer to home folks are reminded that the big multibillion dollar bond vote is Saturday so go out and do the right thing. The wizards down at the Mouth of the Elk scheduled the vote for Saturday so that only the voters they wanted would show up.

It was understood that some of the folks down at the Mouth of the Elk wanted to require a farm profit of $50,000 annually for farm land to classify under Class II property as set forth in a constitutional amendment ratified by the voters of West Virginia many years ago. Another said that was too much so now, it is said, the amount would be $25,000.

It was reported that a class action suit was brought against Dominion the local Standard Oil Trust gas company. According to the report a mistake was made in their rate application that would put another billion in the company bank account.

While the price of natural gas has been in the $6 -$7 range recently the price per thousand for household gas used in June was just under $14.54/MCF. The rate was said to be $12.08 but, of course, there are additional expenses. The same outfit purchases some gas for just 20 cents/MCF citing the "sanctity of contracts".

The price of local Penn grade crude rose $1.75 Saturday to $54.75/bbl .

It was reported that the Greenbrier pipeline that Mother Hope was going to build to send natural gas to North Carolina and Florida has been taken over by Duke Power.

Kevin "Weasel" Wease moved into the former Glenn Campbell residence that was lately occupied by Ronnie Wyer.

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