A boil water advisory has been re-issued for the Yellow Creek Road area of the Pleasant Hill Public Service District.

At least two boil water advisories have been issued since the system went on-line last year, and this third advisory is a re-issue, since the water quality problems have not been resolved.

J. D. Douglas, a water engineer with the Bureau of Public Health, says the re-issue of a boil water advisory is based on a recent test where parts of the system had excessive amounts of water purifying chlorine and others had virtually none.

Douglas said he is setting up a meeting with the PSD board and county commissioners to see how the problem can be corrected.

The county commission has little to do with the PSDs operation, other than appoint board members and assist in getting funding for water projects.

Water quality issues and PSD audits are controlled by state officials.

Dale Cunningham, president of the Pleasant Hill PSD, says "We're continuing to work on a solution, but the big problem is that customers on Yellow Creek have not hooked onto the system," causing a slow-moving water problem.

Slow moving water causes water in parts of the system to become bad.

Cunningham said the system has recently passed two water inspections, and if a third passes, the boil water advisory will be lifted.

Only a few of the Yellow Creek customers have actually hooked to the system, but they are honoring a contract to pay a meter fee. After three years, that contract expires, and they no longer have an obligation, said Cunningham.

A basic water bill is $17 a month for 3000 gallons, he said.

The customers on Yellow Creek are advised to boil water for drinking, cooking and brushing teeth until further notice. Water should be brought to a rolling boil for at least one minute before using.

Water quality is o.k. in the rest of the Pleasant Hill PSD system, including Back Fork.

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