It was another night of awards and recognition for Calhoun County students, the 18th annual Academic Awards Program.

At least 160 students were recognized in the packed Calhoun Middle/High School auditorium. Calhoun Superintendent of Schools Ron Blankenship welcomed the parents and students, and introduced the award presenters.

Superintendent Ron Blankenship and board member Jaunita Berdine present awards

Geography Winners

Fifth Grade 1st. Place, Nathan Lane, Runner Up, Jeffrey Goodrich

Sixth Grade 1st. Place, Hannah Law, Runner Up, Richard Mace

Seventh Grade 1st. Place, Nikki Wright, Runner Up, Mitchell Cunningham

Eighth Grade 1st. Place, Michael Roberts, Runner Up, Andrew Prusack

Golden Horseshoe

Xenya Cook, Cynthia Wildire


Fifth Grade 1st Place, Matthew Houchin, 2nd. Place, Melissa Jarvis, 3rd. Place, Briana Blankenship

Sixth Grade 1st. Place, Amanda Alcaraz-May, 2nd.Place, Darrell Kisner, 3rd. Place, Hanna Law

Seventh Grade 1st. Place, Peter Bocchini, 2nd. Place, Tommy Gerwig, 3rd. Place, Cassandra Westfall

Eighth Grade 1st. Place, Cynthia Wildfire, 2nd. Place, Eli Walker, 3rd. Place, Andrew Prusack

Ninth Grade 1st. Place, Victoria Lamont, 2nd. Place, Barbara Shock, 3rd. Place, Deborah White

Math Team Grades 10-12

Christeallia Amorosi, James Bailey, Matthew Bonar, Darris Hupp, Monica Offutt, Ashley Poling, Brandi Richards, Erin Smith and Marie Sorokin

Science Olympiad - First Place Team

Casey Boatwright, Chad Conley, Mitchell Cunningham, Kasey Ferrell, Greg Frederick, Andrea Hardway, Paul Kaehne, Kala Krugman-Bailey, Hanna Law, Amanda Lay, Courtney McKown, Justin Price, Rachel Remele, Jacob Wagoner, Cynthia Wildfire

Spelling Bee

Fifth Grade 1st. Place, Amie Carilli, 2nd. Place, Chance Hardway, Jessica Metz

Sixth Grade1st. Place, Tiffany Swisher, 2nd. PlaceHannah Law, 3rd. Place, Cory Roberts

Seventh Grade1st. Place, Andrea Hardway, 2nd. Place, Misty Richards, 3rd. Place, Cierra Yoak

Eighth Grade1st. Place, Andrew Pruscak, 2nd. Place. Craig Arthur, 3rd. Place, Alecia Alcaraz-May

County Spelling State Qualifiers

1st. Place, Tiffany Swisher, 2nd. Place, Hannah Law

Young Writers

Grades 1-2 1st. Place, Michael Tucker, 2nd. Place, Erik Johnson, 3rd. Place, Alisha Warner

Grades 3-4 1st. Place, Tim Sutro, 2nd. Place, Ben Sims, 3rd. Place, Tessa Batten

Grades 5-6 1st.Place Seth Jarvis, 2nd. Place, Amie Carilli, 3rd. Place, Christina LoVine

Grades 7-8 1st. Place, Tiffani Tanner, 2nd. Place, Ashli Cottrell, 3rd. Place Chad Conley

Grades 9-10 1st. Place, Laura Pfeffer, 2nd. Place, Steve Griffin, 3rd. Place, Jake Krack

Grades 11-12 1st. Place, Erika Harold, 2nd. Place, Scottie Westfall III, 3rd. Place Darris Hupp

Writing Assessment

Shane Yeager


Shaina Cain, Monica Offutt


Matthew Bonar

Governor's Honor Academy

Shaina Cain, Darris Hupp


Lora Davis, Betsy Harris, Monica Offutt, Ashley Poling, Candace Stalnaker

Know Your State Government Day

Davis Albaugh, Shaina Cain, Darris Hupp, Bliss Masiarczyk, Danielle McBride

National Tech Prep Student Registry

Crystal Richards

2001 Principal's Leadership Award

Monica Offutt

The Prudential Spirit Of Community award

David Albaugh

Helen Shaw Memorial Awards

Sophie Voelkel, 1st. Place, Scottie Westfall III, 2nd. Place, Monica Offutt, 3rd. Place

Top Of The Mountain Awards

Justin Hartshorn, Monica Offutt, Marie Sorokin

West Virginia All State Choir

Nikki Church, Tiffani Johnson, Scott Morford

High Honor Graduates

Christeallia Amorosi, Kristi Cain, Leah Fiedorczyk, Morgan Grahame, Betsy Harris, Justin Hartshorn, Anna Hughes, Tiffani Johnson, Darlene Lamont, Monica Offutt, Ashley Poling, Brandi Richards, Crystal Richards, John Sampson, Candace Stalnaker, Derek Westfall, Scottie Westfall III

Honor Graduates

Samara Church, Kevin Cunningham, Lora Davis, Joe Goff, Patrick Mace, Jessica Miller, Miranda Richards, Marie Sorokin, Heather walker

Alderson-Broaddus Scholarship

Crystal Richards

Calhoun Banks Scholarships

Justin Hartshorn, Darlene Lamont, Monica Offutt, Candace Stalnaker

Classroom Hope Scholarship

Bonnie Shreve

Cunningham-Wilson Memorial Scholarship

Kevin Cunningham, Leah Fiedorczyk

Davis and Elkins College Scholarship

Morgan Grahame

Glenville State College Scholarships

Lora Davis, Darlene Lamont

Danny and Luke Hickman Memorial Scholarship

Kevin D. Cunningham

International Academy of Design and Technology

Derek Westfall

Mildred R. Jarvis Memorial Scholarship

Jessica Greathouse, Justin Hartshorn

Marshall University Scholarships

Samantha Bailey, Kristi Cain, Justin Hartshorn, Candace Stalnaker, Sophie Voelkel

McKelvey Foundation Scholarship

Darlene Lamont

Wal-Mart Scholarship

Kristi Cain

West Virginia University Scholarships

Betsy Harris, Monica Offutt, Marie Sorokin

West Virginia Wesleyan Scholarships

Scottie Westfall III, Andrew Whipkey

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