Mayor Neil Blankenship has asked for a change of scope on a $5000 grant to the town to make repairs on a drain at Mill and Florence Street.

Blankenship is also advertising for a contract to fill the basin of the municipal swimming pool, which is no longer in operation. Council approved the donation of some swimming pool fixtures to Spring Heights Methodist Camp.

- Council made several policy changes related to monitoring and investigating water-sewer hookups.

- Changes related to credit or adjustments regarding the filling of swimming pools.

- Not adjusting water and sewage rates for leaking appliances, toilets, faucets, etc.

- Increases in deposit rates for trash raised to $14.00 and waterline inspection fees and sewer line inspection fees changed from $10 to $25.

- Mayor Blankenship has met with Shelly Moore Capito regarding funding for a new town hall.

- The 2005-06 budget has been given conditional approval, according to Recorder Phyllis Maze.

- Councilwoman JoAnn Stevens asked that money set aside for operating the municipal pool be set aside for street paving and that a committee address the issue. The mayor, Stevens and Kevin Postalwait will serve on the committee.

- Chester Robinson was approved for contract labor for the town at $6 an hour.

- Carl Shaw presented a plan for alternative taxation.

- Council passed a resolution regarding a local economic development assistance award.

- Council passed a resolution regarding an incident management system for the town (NIMS), a homeland security directive.

- Poll workers were approved for the town election on June 7.

Attending meeting, Mayor Blankenship and Recorder Maze, council members Loretta Stevens, Cheryl Davis, Charles Whipkey, JoAnn Stevens, Keith Smith (absent); also present, Doug Davis, Roger Propst, Helen Hamilton, Carl Shaw, Don Kelley, Kevin Postalwait, Pam Davis, Helen Morris and Lisa Minney.

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