By Alvin Engelke

The Creston area continues to receive rain. First there was a drought and now there is a surplus. High water blocked area roads and flooded low lying fields, as they say, "adding minerals to some of the first cutting hay".

Rev. Robert Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

There was a good crowd on hand for the dinner and gospel sing held at the Creston Church.

The Woodring and Shimer families held their family reunions at the Creston Community Building.

Jeremy Ferrell and Steve White were among those who graduated from high school down at Elizabeth.

Jewell Boice was spending some time at his place (the former Okey Campbell residence) down at the end of the Petty farm.

The "Earl Tycoon" is said to have laid his hands on Cap'n Spock's new (to him, at least) Lincoln welder to see what ailed it. The Cap'n reported that the next time he fired 'er up, she no longer had any ailments. Rumor has it that the Cap'n may consult with the Tycoon concerning future mechanical difficulties.

Many former residents and family were in decorating graves in local cemeteries. Others came in to spend the weekend fishing and enjoying the out of doors.

Kathy and Keith Collins and Mike Tedrick were among those calling at the Alvin Engelke residence over the weekend. Anna Engelke, who is working at Fairmont State College this summer was also visiting the home folks.

J. B. Griffin was calling on Mug park at his Burning Springs residence. When J. B. inquired about the bandages on Mug's arms, Mug replied that he had been engaged in an altercation with a picnic table and IT won handily.

Some local residents who had responsibilities elsewhere were not too happy when they found that the Junior Dam Builders latest mosquito breeding facility, a/k/a Lake Wimp Haught, was a candidate for failure. Calls to responsible officials resulted in "official sounding jargon that did not generate confidence". Press releases generated after the fact stated that there were intentional breaches of the structures.

Sarah Rhodes and family and Mr. and Mrs. Tim Rhodes and family were calling in the area. Sarah's husband, Todd, presently is sojourning in Germany.

Euell Russell helped Don Rhodes work on Alvin Wiles' porch.

Charles Russell was consulting with his physician at the Minnie Hamilton Health Care facility.

Homer Dougherty was attending to business in Creston one day last week.

The U. S. Postal Service would like to thank all those who made the special veterans recognition day at the Creston Post Office a success. There were displays of uniforms, momentos, boot camp books, war related books, old pension applications, etc. along with goodies served to the guests.

Local residents were more than a little shocked when gas bills came the other day. Natural gas now costs domestic customers $11.88/MCF. Allegheny should do well as they buy some gas at 60 cents/MCF and more at $1.25 and $2.29/MCF. Likely they did not tell PSC about this gas. The highest price gas sold to Allegheny was for $9.43 for January gas but is now down to under $5.

Columbia's well at Medina in Jackson County came in a big gasser. Production figures are not yet available. The firm, which was taken over by NISOURCE is contemplating a significant amount of geophysical work in Roane County. Some assume that they will be doing 3D seismic to justify unit boundaries, fend off competition, etc.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sims of Wierton, formerly of Burning Springs, were calling in the area over the weekend.

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