By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke


A light rain marked Easter Sunday in Creston although it was dry for sunrise services. The birds and amphibians are singing and Julia Joyce's daffodils are at their best. The government ladybugs (Asiatic beetles) are out and about [making sure there are no aphids on the pecan trees] and the USDA's multiflora rose is leafing out.

There will be an auction Saturday, April 2 starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. It will be a good time to get some cheese to put away for fishing trips, ramp digging expeditions, turkey hunting ventures, etc. The Creston cooks will have some sort of goodies for the hungry that arrive, even for those who come early.

There will be a gospel sing Saturday, April 2, starting at 6 P. M. at the Burning Springs M. E. church. Richard Petty, Rev. Paul Williams and other singers are scheduled and all singers are welcome.

The regular business meeting of the Creston Community Building will be held on Tuesday, April 5 at 7 P. M. at the Community Building. All willing workers are welcome. Last minute plans for the April 16 ATV Poker Run will we hammered out.

Those who want ATV training should be at the Creston Community Building at 9 A. M. on April 16 for the training. Each participant should have a copy of a social security card (which will be kept) as well as a birth certificate (that will be returned) along with a parent or guardian.

Sam Jones was visiting Mr. & Mrs. David Tenbarge at Burning Springs.

Rev. Juanita Lockhart filled her regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church. She, Steve and the comely Sierra Starcher provided special music.

Juliett Newhouse spent Easter weekend visiting Mr. & Mrs. Joe Pennington.

Microdata, an outfit out of White River Junction Vermont sent cards to area residents who have post office boxes advising that they needed to post a number in their window so big brother could know exactly where to find you when they came calling. Of course this is to "help you". While such is not the case elsewhere there are "not very many" Arab terrorists and illegal immigrants (wet backs or whatever) in the Creston area.

Two of Doreen Parsons granddaughters, Chasity and Madison Plummer are spending Easter break with her. Another friend spent a few days with her but he packed up and moved on.

Anna Engelke was visiting her home at Creston over Easter Sunday while her sister Jane flew off to Las Vegas for a bridal goods show. Cosmo is visiting in Creston while Jane is away. The other day Cosmo decided to go duck hunting being blissfully unaware of such things as closed seasons and such. Seems there was a fine duck in the City Park pool almost in reach. However, a big jump meant landing in the cold water and water is the natural element for ducks. If all that wasn't bad enough there was this concrete wall that, from Cosmo's perspective, was impossible to climb and, thus, Cosmo the would be duck hunter had to be rescued.

A number of four wheelers went up the Richardsonville road on Saturday.

Jeff, Austin and Alley Oop Westfall, Andrea and Brandon Ferrell were Easter Sunday dinner guests of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell and family. Also visiting at the Ferrell residence was Janet Jett.

The DNR has reported that there is a problem "with reproductive failure with young male turkeys" in central West Virginia. This could be a serious matter which might have far reaching consequences especially if there is some sort of environmental problem that would, of course, impact humans. Such a matter could be an environmental toxin of some sort which could be the result of either some pollutant or else biological warfare.

Helen Morris, Mr. & Mrs. James J. Morris & daughter and Mr. & Mrs. Todd Rhodes and daughters were calling in Creston on Saturday.

Mia Rhodes was consulting her obstetrician.

Some proficient burglars disarmed the security system of a prominent Calhoun resident the other evening. The only evidence of crime was a significant number of "half eaten peeps" scattered throughout the residence. For some days prior to the break in this fellow received anonymous cards from up in the mountains describing various aspects of peeps. It is not known if the cards, sent thought the U. S. mail, are related to the break in. If they are the postal inspectors may become involved.

It is understood that the vehicular fire at Creston last week is being investigated by the gendarmes and, it is said, they have some good clues.

Some gasoline thieves have been busy in the Creston area although some of them may be in for a big surprise. Then it will be too late for them. Fair warning.

Bessie Arthur and Becky Starcher motored to Barberton Ohio to visit Bessie's sister Blanche. They reported having a nice visit.

A number of local residents have been having difficulties shaking the cold/flu type illnesses that have been in abundance recently. Rod Lynch reported that he had a relapse.

It was reported that Dorothy Lynch had a "special birthday".

Mary Reno was visiting Anna Reno, Austin Westfall and other area relatives and friends.

The price of local Penn grade crude oil fell $2.25/bbl to $50.50.

Mother Hope (now called Dominion Hope) asked for a 13.2% domestic gas rate hike after obtaining a 25.4% increase. This would make gas sold to cook and warm homes to be $13/MCF or $5 higher than the rate charged by the Rockefeller sister company just over the river in Ohio. While most natural gas is purchased by quality now, rather than by volume, the actual price Hope pays producers (based on Hope's last check) was $5.51 per stripped MCF. The PSC calls the things that are removed impurities and they include propane, butane and natural gasoline (mountain high test). Hope charges independent producers for "the cost of removing these high heat substances". Of course "the impurities" are sold as anyone can see when they go to the stripping plant at Hastings up in Wetzel County. Much of the natural gas that Hope sells is produced from wells that the company has owned for decades and, to quote the rate folks at Cabot "they are paid for" and since these wells pay a flat rate royalty often $250 -$300/year the actual cost of the "in house gas" would be less that $1/MCF, in some instances far less although they can add in costs for corporate planes, plush offices in New York City and, no doubt the expenses of maintaining present Rockefeller family members in the style enjoyed by old John D. Sr. Those who get to pay the high rates should send the PSC a letter at 201 Brooks Street, Charleston 25301-1803 asking for a detailed explanation. They are down at the Mouth of the Elk where some live in a parallel universe.

Speaking of things down at the Mouth of the Elk it seems that the Little Elf who wants to consolidate all the counties has already gotten the state into a big mess with the Stonewall Jackson Lake project and the taxpayers have to cough up $1 million by March 31 to cover the red. Of course there are no ethics problems. Wally Barron charged 10% on everything and he never served a day. Likewise no one of consequence paid a price when the Treasurer of State was found to have "some problems".

Bucky Arthur and Carl Ferrell were among those calling on Charles & Euell Russell. Euell is celebrating his birthday on March 28.

Donna, Jeremy, Brandon and Andrea Ferrell motored to Buffalo Putnam to attend Amy's softball game. They stopped in Ripley and Jeremy locked the keys in his mother's automobile.

A significant number of people have been inquiring locally looking for places to rent.

Joe Echard has been on the sick list.

Auction Saturday April 2 starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. Lots of good things along with yummies from the kitchen, 50/50, cheese, pepperoni, etc. Bobby Ray Starcher 890-04. For details or if you want bacon call Donna Sue at 275-3202.

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