Conflict flared at a public meeting held Tuesday evening at the Minnora Community Center between dissident board members and Board President Wanda Richards. They are objecting to her management of the center. Richards was present to hear opponent Larry Cottrell suggest the community have a fund raiser to get a lawyer to help her step down, according to board member Donna Jordan.

Community member Justin Wizard says that comes down to Cottrell suing himself as a board member.

Jason Fuller, a resident of Chloe, told the 45 people attending, he thought all members of the board should step down and start over.

Jordan contends the Richard's group does not follow the bylaws and conducts illegal meetings. She was disturbed Richards called her late Tuesday night after the public meeting to announce an official board meeting at Richard's house the next morning. Jordan says the bylaws call for board meetings to be scheduled seven days in advance. "She does not want the public there," she said.

Steve Whited, representing Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center, said he is hopeful all the board members and concerned community citizens attend a special training program on May 29 at the Senior Center (6-9 p.m.) in Grantsville. Whited said the training would help clarify roles and define operations of public boards.

Justin Wizard, who stated he was not the new Treasurer for the board, said Jordan rehashed old problems with the present board members, particularly Wanda Richards. He said "Egos must be left at home. This is not the presidency of the entire free world we are fighting over. It is a tiny community center. No prizes. No glory."

Several speakers expressed confusion over what roles board and community members should play in the operation of the center.

Richards could not be reached by phone for comment regarding Tuesday's public meeting, nor was there information available from the official board meeting Wednesday morning.

Jordan is upset Richards is stacking the board with family members and her friends.

Several Minnora Community Center supporters have expressed concern the center could fall apart if the conflict is not resolved.

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