(Extracted from Council Minutes)

Grantsville's Town Hall Committee said they have received $7,809.76 in pledges and money toward the construction of a new town hall, saying $3,000 had been spent for a preliminary report of the site.

The cost of new town hall on the existing site is $273,375, of which $34,000 is earmarked for architectural services.

Frank Venezia said there were volunteers to demolish the old building once the water tanks are removed.

Mayor Neil Blankenship said he had contacted a company which has agreed to remove the old water tanks at no charge to the town.

Venezia said Peig Schmitz had written 39 letters to area churches requesting donations for a new town hall.

Council passed a motion that calls for an agreement between the town and Cerrone Associates regarding the project, with the town agreeing to pay amounts at various junctures, provided the project moves along.

- $1,000 preliminary design phase
- $17,500 final phase design
- $2,500 for a bidding package
- $7,000 for construction phase

Council also approved a motion to send a letter requesting funds from the Budget Digest for $34,000. That money would be used for design and planning.

Council voted to donate $500 to the Grantsville VFD.

Helen Morris reported that she and Phyllis Maze had visited a recycling center in St. Marys.

Council member JoAnn Stevens said job descriptions of all town employees have been written and discussed. Changes in the Employee Handbook are being prepared for a draft, which will be presented later.

Phyllis Maze said that Teed and Associates will be completing the audit for 2003-04. She requested permission to attend a budget seminar in Parkersburg at a cost of $50.

Mayor Blankenship expressed appreciation to those who have contributed to the town hall project and noted that one load of cold mix had been used to fill holes and gravel was put on the town parking lot.

Doug Davis wanted to know if the storm drain problem near his house at Mill and Florence Street was going to be repaired, saying a year and half had passed since his first complaint.

Mayor Blankenship said he was changing the scope of $5000 from the state to use for repairs.

Davis requested the Mayor to go with him to the State of WV regarding a resolution, with the mayor agreeing. City attorney Kevin Postalwait said a statue of limitations on a lawsuit filed by Davis had not run out, saying the issue was still in dispute regarding ownership. Postalwait said nothing can be done until the statue of limitations has expired.

All five council members attended the February meeting, Keith Smith, Loretta Stevens, Charles Whipkey, Cheryl Davis and JoAnn Stevens, in addition to Mayor Neil Blankenship and Recorder Phyllis Maze.

Others present: Mary Zimmer, Don Kelley, Frank Venezia, Judy and Leonard Powell, Lisa Minney, Doug Davis, Nancy Bremar and son, Helen Morris and Helen Hamilton.

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