Magistrate Court records are obtained under public information laws, and are published by media in most every county. Records are accessed from a public information computer, available to the general public at the Magistrate Clerk office.

The names of minors are withheld by the court if they have been declared "juvenile cases," otherwise they are on the released list. Newspapers and media under First Amendment law, can print all names and ages if they choose, although most develop policies related to the protection of victimized minors.

The names of individuals who have yet to be served warrants by authorities, could be on the public information list.

The Herald, by policy, does not print single worthless checks, but does publish names linked to multiple worthless checks.

Citations (Tickets) such as, no proof of insurance/registration/operator's are often dropped or dismissed upon proof. Others are assessed fines and/or court cost

(Calhoun) County Sheriff's Department - CSD
West Virginia Department of Public Safety (State Police) - DPS
West Virginia Department of Natural Resources - DNR
(Grantsville) Municipal Police Department - MPD
WV Department of Highways - DOH


Guy Hardman, driving under the influence-3rd offense, on 01/14/05 by DPS

Robert A. Starcher, false pretenses, on 01/16/05, by DPS


Jimmy Keener, battery, trespassing, offense date 12/24/04, warrant date 01/04/05, CSD

Casey Joe Pettry, driving under the influence, consumption of alcohol under age 21, on 01/03/05, by DPS

Stacy Hickman, battery, offense date 12/30/05, warrant date 01/10/05, by MPD

William B. Knicley, illegal possession of wildlife, spotlighting, hunting from a motor vehicle, loaded gun in vehicle, illegal deer kill, use of 22 caliber to kill deer, on 11/22/04 by DNR

Jeremy Dilgard, destruction of property, on 01/05/05, by MPD

Linda Cadle, driving under the influence-2nd offense, on 01/13/05, by CSD

Jeffrey W. Dobbins, leaving the scene, registration violation, no motor vehicle inspection, no proof of insurance, on 01/05/05, by DPS

Guy D. Knicley, illegal possession of deer, spotlighting, hunting during closed season, conspired to violate chapter 20, on 11/22/04, by DNR

James M. Jones, assault, on 02/03/05, by DPS


Scott David Butler, speeding, on 01/10/05, by DPS

Daniel Dennis, no proof of insurance, 01/28/05, DPS

Steven Griffin, speeding, registration violation, no proof of insurance, no motor vehicle inspection, on 01/16/05, by DPS

Dustin Ray Hillegas, improper backing, on 01/25/05, by MPD

Robert W. Hupp, no operators license, defective equipment, on 01/15/05, by DPS

Betty Lane Jones, following too close, no proof of insurance, on 01/03/05, by DNR

Kenneth M. Mace, speeding, driving left of center, on 01/07/05, by DPS

Charles Marcou, no operators license, on 01/10/05, by DPS

Kerry Glen Murphy, no proof of insurance, no vehicle inspection, registration violation, on 01/20/05, by DPS

Joe P. Naylor, speeding, no proof of insurance, on 01/15/05 by DPS

Donna Lynn Pickens, no operators license, no proof of insurance, on 01/10/05, by DPS

Bradley A. Roberts, defective equipment, no child restraint, on 01/15/05, by DPS

Oliver N. Rose, III, registration violation, unrestrained child, on 01/26/05, by DPS

Robert Lee Smith, registration violation, no proof of insurance, on 01/10/05, by DPS

Rebecca Mae Stanley, no motor vehicle inspection, no proof of insurance, registration violation, defective equipment, improper tint, on 01/09/05, by DPS

Eugene Stevens, Jr., reckless driving, on 01/13/05, by DPS

John Andrew Taylor, speeding, on 01/24/05, by MPD

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