By Bob Weaver

"We are prepared to take legal action," said Donna Jordan, a member of the Minnora Center Board of Directors, says the dissident group with which she is connected has pledged hundreds of dollars for a court battle. "A fund raiser is being planned to add to the fund," she said. She is calling for President Wanda Richards to resign.

A civil suit against the MCC board by David Corson, is still pending. The suit contends the board breached a contract with Corson's group when they sought to start a nutrition program.

Some members of the Minnora Community Center board, including individuals whose board seats are in dispute, have called a public meeting at the center on Tuesday, May 22 at 6 p.m.

President Wanda Richards contends the center has moved along well and she has been issuing financial statements. She says "Someone is doing something right." Richards says she continues to ask board members to come and do work. "They don't show up," she said. "We don't need titles and glory, kings and queens - we need workers." (SEE May 6, 2001 article on The Hur Herald)

Board member Jordan, who was removed as treasurer at the last meeting, is accusing President Richards of improperly managing the center. Jordan says she was removed as treasurer because she wants an audit, after which Richard's 18-year-old daughter Genie Hicks was elected to the position. "It's becoming quite a family affair," according to her letter to the editor sent to The Hur Herald.

Hershel Yost, whose election to the board is still in dispute, and Juanita Boggs, who was removed from the board on May 6 for failure to attend three consecutive meetings, are protesting Richards' management. Larry Cottrell and Phil Stevens names are also attached to Jordan's recent letter.

The MCC hosts numerous projects providing services in southern Calhoun, including a health clinic, senior citizens nutrition program, sheriff's sub-station, library, Calhoun EMS sub-station,computer training program, recreational activities, among several others.

SEE Jordan's Letter to the Editor under WE GET LETTERS.

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